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Despite a winding road to recovery, the desire for travel never goes away and we're confident that it'll recover in the long term. Alongside industry experts, our leadership team has explored market trends to find out what it means for the region’s recovery and your property. 


With those trends in mind, we’ve created a guide full of tools to help you make the most of new opportunities. Explore our advice on how to make the most of this renewed demand.


Target countries using travel corridors

Travel agreements between countries means you can attract regional visitors. 


Across the world, more travel corridors are opening up for those who have been vaccinated. These routes between particular regions mean more chances to target guests from specific countries. Set up targeted Country Rates to stand out to these travellers.


Set up Country Rates Learn more



Make the most of family travel

Help family groups enjoy quality time together.


Families may have not been able to travel as much in the last two years, but they still remain a key market. From small getaways to big reunions, many people around the globe are looking to spend quality time with their loved ones. 


To attract families and capture lucrative stays, add Flexible Child Rates and Weekly Rates to your listing. 


Check out Flexible Child Rates Set up Weekly Rates



Attract travellers with value adds

Appeal to our most valuable Genius travellers.


Target Genius members without discounting by adding free breakfast or room upgrades. Free breakfast is the second most popular perk that influences the decision to book. Room upgrades can also help maintain the availability of more popular rooms or units by filling more expensive options.


Attract Genius members Learn more



Tap into the latest search trends

Stay up to date with what travellers are looking for.

With travel conditions changing so rapidly, travellers are forced to adapt just as swiftly. Keep up to date on what they’re searching for – from what type of travellers are searching in your market to how long they want to stay with you.


Use the extranet to discover trends and help your property adapt. Find what travellers are searching for in the ‘Data’ section of the ‘Home’ page and uncover your guests’ behaviour patterns by going to ‘Booker insights’ in the ‘Analytics’ tab.


Discover demand data Check out guest insights



Appeal to mobile and app bookers

Tap into our fastest-growing segment.


​​Our app was the most downloaded travel app in the world between January and March 2021, and more than two-thirds of our current bookings come through mobile devices. Don’t miss out – set up Mobile Rates to stand out to our fastest-growing travel segment. 


Set up Mobile Rates Learn more



Join the Travel Sustainable programme

Stand out to travellers looking for sustainable stays.


Our research shows that 73% of travellers are more likely to book at a property that has sustainability practices in place. Our new Travel Sustainable programme is designed to champion the sustainability efforts of our partners by showcasing them to travellers. 


Properties that share their sustainability practices in the extranet can receive our new Travel Sustainable badge. The badge is visible on your property page and in search results so you stand out to guests searching for sustainable stays.


Share your sustainability practices Learn more



Discover our 2022 Travel predictions 

Find out what’s ahead in travel.


With the outlook on travel varying in each region, we’ve distilled insights from a diverse global population to forecast where travel is headed in 2022. The Asia Pacific region is full of opportunity – read more about getting the most out of travel corridors and even ‘travel sandboxes’. Or, draw in the locals who are exploring their home countries more than in 2019.


Delving into every detail of the travel experience, the research reveals the needs and wants of tomorrow’s travellers – and how partners can leverage them in planning for the year ahead. Get ahead of the curve and discover trends that will play an important role in your region.


Discover travel trends Explore regional opportunities

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