The Monthly Edit: January’s round-up of news, tips and discussions

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From answering your burning questions on risk-free reservations to lifting the lid on new technologies in the connectivity sector, here are your highlights for January

What’s new on the Partner Hub?

Risk-free reservations are a great way to make sure you still get paid, even when a guest cancels. So, how does the programme work, and how can you join? Our Risk-Free Reservations FAQs cover it all. Over on the Blog, we explore what global travellers consider to be the most-desired accommodation features. Plus on Click. Magazine, seven travel industry experts share their predictions for the future of accommodation.

Tools & Innovations

An improved Guest Q&A tool Communicating with your guest pre-stay positively influences their overall experience. So, we’ve added new features for the Guest Q&A tool in your inbox. Guests can now search for existing answers before asking a question, and you can reply privately to their messages.

Spotlight On

Traveller Review Awards 2020 Every year, we celebrate partners who create outstanding guest experiences. Now in their eighth year, the newly renamed Traveller Review Awards will honour the efforts of more partners than ever before.

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Get to know us: meet Eddy Veldhuizen

How can properties use new technologies to maximise their channel distribution in 2020? Director of Connectivity Partnerships Eddy Veldhuizen shares his vision for the future of our industry.

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