New Genius programme tiers launch to guests

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Two new Genius Programme levels have launched to customers, bringing partners additional exposure and more bookings from Genius guests

Customers on the Genius Programme are now able to access two different programme tiers, with communications around the launch bringing partners additional marketing benefits and exposure to these guests.

New tiers explained

The tiers will see different customer benefits attributed to the different levels, which were introduced to partners last year. After making two bookings on (and completing those stays) guests will enter Genius Level 1, giving them access to a 10% discount on participating Genius properties. Five stayed bookings triggers an advance to Genius Level 2, which offers a 15% discount on certain properties and the ability to unlock additional benefits such as free breakfast or room upgrades - which the partner can offer and customise as per their needs to get more out of the programme.

Previously, the Genius Programme had only one level with a 10% discount and additional optional benefits, but according to Mitri Azaroglu, Group Product Manager at this was quite rigid for both customers and partners. “Our research revealed that customers were interested in more benefits, and we also found that many partners were willing to offer more to attract the most frequent bookers,” he says. “We set out to match these needs, and where partners were willing to offer more benefits we wanted to give those extra advantages to a valuable customer base - creating a more premium level on the programme.

Our research revealed that customers were interested in more benefits, and we also found that many partners were willing to offer more to attract the most frequent bookers.

“Genius users, by default, are frequent travellers but based on our data we found that Level 2 customers, in particular, are more loyal, they know what they want from a property and their cancellations rates are relatively lower.”

The benefits of the Genius Programme

In addition to improving visibility among these potential guests, the programme also provides an element of filtering, Azaroglu explains: “It’s a closed user group - in a way rates are hidden as the customer must be signed in to access them. Additionally, if a customer has bad booking behaviours in the past that cause damage to partners, they cannot be on the Genius programme.”

While there are certain criteria to fill on the customer side, there are also considerations for the partner. “One of the key elements is meeting an average review score of 7.5 with a minimum of five reviews,” says Azaroglu. “We also empower partners to be out of the programme for 30 days if you have a particular need, for example really high saturation during a particular season.”

So, how does being part of the Genius Programme help you grow? “Genius is a fantastic marketing tool,” says Azaroglu. “It increases visibility in a really effective way and helps you target good customers. The discount being offered is permanent, and as such the benefit you see is permanent; the return on investment is clear and this can be seen on the Extranet.”

In the coming months, we’ll be kicking off a number of campaigns to further amplify the opportunities for partners on the programme, including Genius Week - during which time all customers with an account on will be temporarily made Genius. extranet
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  • The Genius Programme will now communicate two levels for Genius customers, with corresponding benefits that partners can offer
  • Level 1 guests will qualify for a 10% discount while Level 2 guests will also have access to a 15% discount plus additional benefits on select properties
  • These include free breakfast, free room upgrade which the partner can opt in to and customise as they need
  • The Genius Programme provides partners with increased visibility to a closed group of valuable and reliable Genius customers