Our UEFA EURO 2024 sponsorship: get ready with these pro tips

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We’re official sponsors of the UEFA EURO 2024 and Women's EURO 2025, engaging fans digitally and on-site. To help you prepare for these guests, we have tips on policy flexibility, message templates, online payments and more.

Exciting news! Booking.com will sponsor this year's UEFA European Football Championship finals in Germany.

The finals take place in the summer, a time when travellers generally enjoy exploring new destinations. Many of the venues for the two finals offer numerous tourist attractions and are among the most popular destinations across Europe on Booking.com, so the partnership offers an excellent opportunity to support fans at the exact time they want to explore the world and create unforgettable trips to plan.

Booking.com will be present digitally and on site as part of exclusive programs at the 51 matches of UEFA EURO 2024 and the 31 matches of UEFA Women's EURO 2025.

Already a sponsor of the memorable UEFA Women's EURO 2022, Booking.com continues its commitment to women's football at the UEFA Women's EURO 2025, held in eight cities in Switzerland. The qualifying competition for the final tournament begins in April 2024.

UEFA EURO 2024 will be held in Germany from 14 June to 14 July 2024.

In order to best prepare for this big event, we’ve prepared some important tips and tricks for you.

Temporarily overriding your policies

You can have your policies overwritten for selected periods without having to permanently change them. In line with the UEFA European Football Championship 2024, you can adjust your cancellation policy. You can find all the necessary functions on the extranet under Accommodation > Policies > Temporary policy exceptions. If you would like to change your cancellation policy from, for example, three days to 14 days or even non-cancellable in the selected period, you can adjust this as you wish using the function.

In the overview you can also find all the policy exceptions you have made at a glance. In addition, after adjusting the guidelines, we recommend checking them via the calendar.

For more information, see Setting up or changing your property's policies.

Date changes for bookings that cannot be cancelled free of charge

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear how important flexibility in reservations became within the tourism industry. Travellers want to know that bookings today can still be adapted to changing circumstances. To strike a perfect balance between flexible and non-cancellable bookings, you can offer a non-cancellable rate that allows for date changes. This allows you to offer your guests flexibility while maintaining full control over your sales and workload, thereby improving your cash flow management.

Does that sound interesting to you too? Then you can find further information in the Partner Hub: Changing dates for non-refundable bookings.

Message templates

Every guest gets information in different ways and therefore not everyone is always on the same page, which is why important information can get lost. To prevent this issue, you can use your extranet to set up message templates, auto-replies, and notifications on the extranet or the Pulse app.

This option not only saves you time, but also ensures that your guests are informed and there are no unpleasant surprises. The templates can be set up for different points in the booking process. For example, automatic messages can be sent immediately after booking, 0-7 days before arrival or even one day before departure.

You can also use placeholders to ensure that your messages reach guests in a personalised manner. This ensures that information related to the booking such as names, check-in time or the accommodation name is correctly transmitted to the guest.

Does that sound interesting? Further information and instructions for setting up the templates can be found here: Setting up templates, automatic replies and message notifications.

Online payments

Online payments allow you to offer a wide range of payment options. This gives travellers even more reasons to choose their accommodation. We take care of all tasks relating to payment collection for you. Since payouts are guaranteed when you're owed money, you're protected from fraud and chargebacks.

Further information can be found here: Online payments.

Additional benefits

With additional benefits, you can easily incorporate additional services into your rate category. Increase the attractiveness and discoverability of your accommodation for travellers who want to use additional services when booking. You can easily create additional benefits on the extranet by choosing which ones you want to offer to travellers (e.g. parking, fast internet, airport transfer, access to wellness and many more).

Further information can be found here: Additional benefits.

Munich schedule

  • 14 June 9pm Germany vs Scotland
  • 17 June 3pm Romania vs Playoff Winner B
  • 20 June 3pm Slovenia vs Serbia
  • 25 June 9pm Denmark vs Serbia
  • 2 July 6pm Winner Group E vs Third Group A/B/C/D
  • Semi-final 1: 9 July 9pm Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Winner Quarter-Final 2

Cologne schedule

  • 15 June 3pm Hungary vs Switzerland
  • 19 June 9pm Scotland vs Switzerland
  • 22 June 9pm Belgium vs Romania
  • 25 June 9pm England vs Slovenia
  • 30 June 6pm Winner Group B vs Third Group A/D/E/F

Stuttgart schedule

  • 16 June 6pm Slovenia vs Denmark
  • 19 June 6pm Germany vs Hungary
  • 23 June 6pm Scotland vs Hungary
  • 26 June 6pm Playoff Winner Group B vs Belgium
  • Quarter-final: 5 July 6pm Winner Round of 16 3 vs Winner Round of 16 1

Frankfurt schedule

  • 17 June 6pm Belgium vs Slovakia
  • 20 June 6pm Denmark vs England
  • 23 June 9pm Switzerland vs Germany
  • 26 June 6pm Slovakia vs Romania
  • 1 July 6pm Winner Group F vs Third Group A/B/C

Berlin schedule

  • 15 June 6pm Spain vs Croatia
  • 21 June 6pm Playoff Winner Group A vs Austria
  • 25 June 6pm Netherlands vs Austria
  • 29 June 6pm Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group B
  • Quarter-final: 6 July 6pm Winner Group of 16 7 vs Winner Group of 16 8
  • Final: 14 July 9pm Winner Semi-Final 1 vs Winner Semi-Final 2

Dortmund schedule

  • 15 June 9pm Italy vs Albania
  • 18 June 6pm Türkiye vs Playoff Winner Group C
  • 22 June 6pm Türkiye vs Portugal
  • 25 June 6pm France vs Playoff Winner Group A
  • 29 June 9pm Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group C
  • Semi-final 2: 10 July 9pm Winner Quarter-Final 3 vs Winner Quarter-Final 4

Hamburg schedule

  • 16 June 3pm Playoff Winner A vs Netherlands
  • 19 June 3pm Croatia vs Albania
  • 22 June 3pm Playoff Winner C vs. Czechia
  • 26 June 9pm Czechia vs Türkiye
  • Quarter final: 5 July 9pm Winner Round of 16 5 vs Winner Round of 16 6

Leipzig schedule

  • 18 June 9pm Portugal vs Czechia
  • 21 June 9pm Netherlands vs France
  • 24 June 9pm Croatia vs Italy
  • 2 July Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group F

Dusseldorf schedule

  • 17 June 9pm Austria vs France
  • 21 June 3pm Slovakia vs Playoff Winner Group B
  • 24 June 9pm Albania vs Spain
  • 1 July 6pm Runner-up Group D vs Runner-up Group E
  • Quarter final: 6 July 6pm Winner Group of 16 4 vs Winner Group of 16 2

Gelsenkirchen schedule

  • 16 June 9pm Serbia vs England
  • 20 June 9pm Spain vs Italy
  • 26 June 9pm Playoff Winner Group C vs Portugal
  • 30 June 6pm Winner Group C vs Third Group D/E/F


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  • We’re official sponsors of the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 in Germany, aiming to support fans exploring destinations during the summer event
  • The partnership extends to the UEFA European Women’s Championship, following our sponsorship of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022
  • We’ll present digitally and on-site at 51 matches of the UEFA EURO 2024 and 31 matches of the UEFA Women's EURO 2025.
  • In preparation for the event, we have tips for hosts, including temporary policy adjustments and offering non-cancellable rates with date changes
  • We also have recommendations for message templates, online payments and incorporating extra benefits to enhance your listing