Super Bowl 2024

Our Booking.yeah Big Game ad scores another touchdown for you

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Our Booking.yeah Big Game ad starring Tina Fey was a hit this year, excelling in impact, enjoyment and long-term brand value. But it's more than just a spotlight moment – here's what it means for you.

In our 2024 travel predictions, we revealed different types of travellers, from surrender-seekers embracing the wild to culinary excavators exploring local flavours. We found people go on vacation to indulge in their diverse desires, which is why our latest Booking.yeah Big Game ad campaign encourages you to 'book whoever you want to be'.

In our 2024 Big Game ad, airing at the US's biggest sports event, Tina Fey's alter-egos led viewers through travellers' changing desires, urging them to discover new personas with each trip. The campaign displays our wide range of accommodations, from hotels to tiny houses, simplifying the search for the ideal stay.

As Arjan Dijk, our Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said in our press release, "Travel is about embracing new experiences and discovering different facets of ourselves."

124 million views of the Booking.yeah Big Game ad – and counting

Besides shedding light on the various alter-egos and what they’re looking for in a stay, this year's Big Game ad built upon the success of last year's campaign, winning the title of most-watched YouTube ad for the second year in a row. The ad drew inspiration from our finding that 62% of travellers enjoy the anonymity of travel and the opportunity to recreate themselves. 

This shines a spotlight on your listing on our platform – no matter whether you have a hotel, cabin, tiny house or farm stay – amplifying its visibility and reach. 

With 124 million views and counting, the preliminary statistics indicate a staggering reach and engagement, solidifying our position as a trailblazer in the travel industry – not just in the US, but also globally.

But what does all of this mean for you?

As reported by Adweek, a spot during the Big Game is over 20 times more effective at building brand awareness than a regular TV ad. It also drives short-term sales, with a 6.4% increase in demand among viewers compared to traditional primetime media buys.

A whopping 123 million viewers tuned into the Big Game, and our ad spot brought more awareness than ever to both our platform and your offering. Mindshare reported that this year's game swiftly ranks as the second-most-watched TV event of all time, trailing closely behind the coverage of the 1969 Moon Landing, which garnered approximately 125-150 million viewers across NBC, CBS and ABC.

With more eyes than ever on our Big Game efforts, we're not only driving traffic to our platform but also generating more potential bookings for your property. Leveraging the power of Booking.yeah, we're committed to creating a win-win situation.

A strong brand presence not only boosts traffic and bookings on our platform but also fuels growth and revenue for you.

Creating a buzz in the US to spotlight you and your properties

Adweek analysed Big Game ads this year using data from Kantar and System1 to find out which ads performed best in various categories, from building brands to becoming fan favourites. Kantar named our Our Big Game ad as the top performer, with high scores across the board: 91 for impact, 88 for enjoyment and 89 for long-term brand value. These stats highlight the huge value and impact of Booking.yeah on both brand perception and sales.

We’re going all in to continue making waves in the US market and solidify our standing as a top pick for travellers everywhere. With Booking.yeah and similar efforts, it means your accommodation – no matter where it is – is now on the radar for travellers’ next trips.


Super Bowl 2024
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Want to help guests book whoever they want to be? Check out the Booking.yeah Big Game ad.

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  • Our 2024 Booking.yeah Big Game ad was the most-viewed at the US's biggest sporting event, with 124 million views and counting.
  • The campaign drew from our 2024 travel predictions and was inspired by the 62% of travellers who enjoy anonymity and self-reinvention while travelling.
  • The ad urges travellers to 'book whoever you want to be’, and our platform makes finding the perfect accommodation easy.
  • Our efforts not only drive traffic to our platform but also generate more potential bookings for you.
  • Efforts like this are over 20 times more effective at building brand awareness and can lead to a 6.4% increase in demand.