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Traveller Review Awards: new ways to broadcast your win

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Did you receive a 2021 Traveller Review Award? This year we’ve made it easier for you to get the word out

The past year was a uniquely difficult one for the travel industry, but one thing is for certain: partners worked harder than ever to respond to the challenges of the pandemic. It’s been very rewarding to see you put so much focus on the guest experience in sometimes difficult circumstances. If you’re one of the partners who has received a Traveller Review Award (TRA) - congratulations! You should feel extra proud this year.

What will you do with your award? We’ve made some changes to the award kit we send out to winning partners this year with the aim of making it easier - and more sustainable - for you to trumpet your achievement to the world.

A more sustainable award

The world is changing and so is our industry, but what hasn't changed is our commitment to preserving a world worth experiencing and promoting more sustainable travel. In line with this commitment, we’ve made one small decision towards this goal in making the Traveller Review Awards digital going forward.

One added bonus of migrating the awards to digital-only is that it’s easier for us to include more items in the award kit. This year, we’ve doubled the size of the kit we send to award winners, which also includes a helpful infographic and a letter from our CEO, Glenn Fogel.

If you’d like to display a physical reminder for guests, or if you’d like a trophy for your own mantle, you’ve got options. We’ve included two versions of the award that you can download, print and frame. The first is a high-resolution version with a blue background that you can send to a professional printer, while the other is designed with a white background and is formatted for easy printing at home or in the office.

Add it to your property page

Making your award part of your property page may be the simplest and most effective thing you can do with your award. Upload the award imagery to the photo reel so it can serve as a constant reminder to bookers of your commitment to excellence. partner


Sharing is caring

If you run a social media account for your property, then you know that having a steady stream of content to broadcast is key. Consider including imagery from the award kit as a regular part of your posting. It can add extra affirmation to both your existing followers and the people who find you online.

When you do post, we encourage you to use the hashtag #TravellerReviewAwards2021 and tag @bookingcom on Twitter or Instagram. It can help you get found - by us and by others.

For maximum exposure, consider running tweets or posts that include your award imagery on a regular basis. Or, pin it to the top of your social media profiles so travellers who discover your property will experience a great first impression.

Digital flair

To help make your marketing efforts easier, this year we’ve added a digital sticker. This bit of digital flair is a small banner you can paste as an overlay onto existing digital assets. For example, you can place the banner onto images of your property, on receipts you give to business customers, or in other correspondence related to your property.

Are you a TRA winner? How do you weave your award into your marketing and into the conversations you have with guests? Do you place your award somewhere special? Our community of partners are already talking about the ways they’ll get the word out and celebrating their wins. Hop into the discussion or start your own post and join in the celebration.


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  • To embrace the shift towards more sustainable travel, this year’s TRA winners receive a fully digital award package
  • In addition to print- and digital-friendly versions of the award, we’ve also added a small digital banner that partners can add to images or correspondence
  • Partners are encouraged to share their win on social media and in the Partner Community using the hashtag #TravellerReviewAwards2021