What do business bookers want?

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After price and location, what are the key pieces of information business travellers look for when making their booking decision? We explore the results of a recent survey

Business travellers are a valuable market to attract – they’re 50% less likely to cancel and are 60% more likely to return to a property again. So, what are the key details they are most interested in when it comes to finding the right property? Over 26,500 global business travellers recently shared the three pieces of information they would most like to know when making a booking.

Free wifi

It perhaps comes as no surprise, but 44% of respondents deemed free wifi to be one of the most vital things they want to know about before booking an accommodation. Many business travellers may need somewhere to work between engagements and being safe in the knowledge that they can get online from the comfort of their room is a big plus.

Transportation to and from accommodation

In close second, information on transportation options was a top pick for 37% of global travellers. Whether they have just come off the red-eye flight or have a tight schedule to adhere to, knowing how to get to and from the property will reassure even the most seasoned business traveller.


More than half of business travellers (51%) extended their trips in 2018 for leisure purposes, so the variety of facilities the accommodation offers can be a real draw – 30% of respondents deem it one of their most important considerations. Maybe your guests wants to get in an early morning gym session before heading out to meetings, or perhaps the opportunity to enjoy some authentic local cuisine once business has been dealt with is a big priority. Be sure to update all your facilities and services on the Extranet so potential guests can find what they are looking for.

Payment method

Whether settling the bill in advance, travelling with a company credit card or needing to keep track of their own expenses, 25% of business travellers want to know about payment methods before making a booking. International travellers, in particular, may have a preferred payment method – for example, PayPal or AliPay; if you don’t have these options available at your property then head to Partner Help to learn more about how can support alternative payments.

Reviews from other travellers

One in four (25%) global business travellers look to the experiences of their peers, deeming other guest reviews to be in their top three decision-making considerations. It’s also a really valuable tool for your learning, as the review might reveal areas that you could explore to enhance your offering or service for business customers in future. Be sure to read and respond to reviews as this offers further opportunity to build a relationship with past guests and appeal to new customers.


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Research overview

  • Research was commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who had taken a trip in the last 12 months / planned to take a trip in the next 12 months
  • In total, 23,723 respondents were surveyed from 31 countries worldwide
  • Respondents completed an online survey in October 2018