Benefits of making your holiday rental more sustainable

4 benefits of making your holiday rental more sustainable

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Making your holiday rental more sustainable can benefit you and the planet. Sustonica’s CEO, Vanessa de Souza Lage, reveals the top advantages of taking action

We are often reminded of the importance of lowering our carbon footprints and how to live more sustainably. While it should be clear how this can benefit the planet, there are less obvious ways becoming more sustainable benefits holiday rental owners in the short, medium and long term. 

According to’s 2023 Sustainable Travel Report, 76% of travellers say they want to travel more sustainably in the future. Making sure your property is managed with sustainability in mind can lead to better guest experiences, more bookings and cost savings. 

Make the most of a gap in the market 

The quicker you can start adopting more sustainable practices, the more bookings you’re likely to get. At the moment, the traveller demand is greater than the supply. The vast majority of travellers are conscious of sustainability, but a select group are saying it’s one of their most sought after features in a destination. If you’re able to adopt more sustainable practices, you will be setting yourself apart from the competition, giving yourself a competitive edge and increasing your occupancy. This gap in the market won’t last forever, as all properties will (hopefully) catch up.

Generate good reviews 

Another immediate impact of making your property more sustainable is better reviews. Those who are more sustainability minded don’t want to take a backwards step while on holiday, and will definitely appreciate the extra effort made around the property. Getting good reviews leads to more bookings, which leads to more good reviews – a nice positive cycle.

To encourage good reviews, make sure to add a 'sustainability chart' in your holiday rental that lists all the wonderful things you have implemented to lower your impact and help support the community. 

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Lower utility bills

A lot of people think that making a property more sustainable is a costly and time-consuming process. However, there are many small changes you can make which quickly add up to create a big difference – I talk through the best of them here. As well as ‘quick wins’, there are of course a lot of bigger adjustments that in the long run can lead to significant savings.

The bigger changes, such as buying a new fridge to make sure it’s A, B or C rated, may take a little while to save up for, but you will eventually start seeing why the investment was worth it. An ‘A’ rated fridge gives it an Energy Efficient Index of 10% – that means it’s more energy efficient than 90% of similar items on the market. 

Other investments that seriously lower your energy bills are the installation of heat pumps and solar panels. Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating systems because the amount of heat they produce is more than the amount of energy they use. Solar panels can also help to significantly reduce your energy bills. Sunlight is free and although some places get it more than others, once you’ve installed the panels, they will begin to pay you back.

Smart home technology is advancing rapidly and this is great news for holiday rental owners as it creates a lot of opportunities to become more sustainable and save money. A smart occupancy sensor will help you save energy by turning off appliances, heating or air-con when no one is in the property, creating a nice return on investment. 

Prepare for regulations

Although stricter sustainability regulations have been forecast for a few years now, they are still yet to properly appear. However, it’s inevitable that one day soon there will be much more stringent measures placed on holiday rentals to make sure they meet requirements around sustainability. Failure to comply with the new restrictions might lead to fines or even having your licence removed. It’s a good idea to get ahead of the game.

It's important to remember that becoming more sustainable doesn’t mean that you need to change everything all at once though. Making smaller changes while you save towards the bigger investments can still have a huge impact. When you start to see the benefits gradually appear in your occupancy, reviews or bottom line, it will be easier to commit to a bigger change at your property. That won’t only be an investment for you, but also for the planet.


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  • Increasingly, travellers are looking for accommodation that meets their desire to travel more sustainably
  • Becoming more sustainable can have a number of short, medium and long-term benefits for holiday rentals, including better guest experiences, more bookings and cost savings
  • For example, investing in an energy efficient fridge, heat pumps and solar panels are more impactful ways of lowering your energy bills in the long run
  • Acting now can help you get ahead of stringent regulations that will be introduced in the future