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How Accor became the most Proud Certified global chain in Australia

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Accor, one of the world’s largest hotel groups, is a leader in LGBTQ+ inclusion. They’ve embraced the Travel Proud programme and now have more Proud Certified properties than any other chain in Australia and New Zealand

The opportunity

Accor is one of the largest hotel groups in the world, with brands ranging from luxury to economy. But one unifying feature across all those brands is a passionate commitment to inclusion and diversity.

In pursuit of that commitment, Accor already had a number of properties that are Travel Proud certified. But while encouraged, organising the training had always been left to the properties themselves.

That’s why Accor approached us with an ambitious new target – they wanted to be the most certified chain in Australia and New Zealand, with more Proud Certified properties than any other.

The solution

Accor already has their own extensive LGBTQ+ programmes. For instance, their Diversity and Inclusion Committee – driven by senior stakeholders from across the business – has enacted policies around gender-affirmation leave for staff and Pride celebrations for local hotels.

But even with their own extensive internal expertise, they still recognised the need to be Proud Certified through our Travel Proud programme. They see four main benefits:

1. It’s comprehensive

The Proud Hospitality training goes ‘back to basics’, helping to give people of all backgrounds and cultures a useful starting point.

2. It’s external

Being third-party, the training gives people the space to engage and ask questions to experts outside the organisation, without judgement.

3. It’s accessible

With employees from around the world, English might not be their native language, but the training provides a simple, visual and effective way for everyone to engage.

4. It’s visible

The certification reassures all prospective guests that they are fully welcome to be their real selves at any Accor property.


Key numbers in the lead-up to Sydney WorldPride 2023:

  • 72 properties registered for the training
  • 153 certified properties
  • more than 50% of their direct connected properties now certified


The impact

The results of the training are already being seen on the ground. 

While checking preparations for Sydney WorldPride, one senior member of staff was impressed to see how employees who had recently completed the Proud Hospitality training put their learnings into action.

They had written their own welcome letter to a group of drag queens who were going to stay in the hotel, using the right language to support and recognise their identities. He then saw the team’s interactions with the guests as they arrived.

The team had always been professional and respectful with all guests, but as a result of the Proud Hospitality training they seemed to have a newfound confidence, maintaining their sensitivity while also truly engaging with guests.

In his words, “Completing the training really impacted the guest stay in a positive way.”

Accor recognised that the Travel Proud programme was the perfect complement to their existing inclusivity efforts. “Travel Proud can be done by anyone, and should be done by everyone.”

Gavin Loveday Accor


“I really would like to compliment on the Travel Proud programme. The visibility that you bring as a company is incredible, and it’s not something you see from your competitors. Travel Proud can be done by anyone, and should be done by everyone.”

Gavin Loveday, Director of Sales & Marketing at Accor


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  • Accor, a global hotel chain, has become the most Proud Certified chain in Australia and New Zealand
  • Despite having their own LGBTQ+ programmes, Accor recognised the benefits of being Proud Certified, including comprehensive training, external expertise, accessibility and visible commitment to inclusivity.
  • In the lead-up to Sydney WorldPride 2023, Accor had 72 properties registered for training, with 153 properties already certified
  • The impact of the Proud Hospitality training is evident in employees' interactions with guests, leading to a positive guest experience
  • Accor praised's Travel Proud programme, acknowledging its visibility and the potential for any organisation to benefit from the training