Insider tips for creating a family-friendly property

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With many global travellers looking forward to reuniting with their loved ones, Thibault Masson, Strategic Program Manager at, shares his top tips for attracting families to your property

During the pandemic, reuniting with family is a key motivator for people to still travel. According to research, 61% of travellers are planning to use future travel as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. Here are my top tips for creating a family-friendly property.

Know your target audience

How you can define family is diverse. At, we say families are one parent and one child, but it can mean everything from a single parent to multi-generational families to extended families. Even if you think your property is too small to welcome a family, ask yourself how you’re defining family in the first place. While you may not be able to welcome two parents and multiple kids, you may have enough room for one parent and one child. 

The same applies when considering the age groups you want to welcome. Are you happy to host babies? If so, make sure to mention all of the baby-friendly amenities at your property. Can you welcome toddlers? Then having some toys may be a good idea. Or is your property only for teenagers and older? I have a beautiful property with sea views in Bali, but it’s on a cliff, so guests have to be 12 and older. It’s important to think about who you can host, then tailor your listing to those travellers’ preferences. 

Optimise your host profile

Highlighting the family-friendly features of your property, updating your amenities and providing relevant photos all play a role in attracting families to your property. Photos that seem ordinary may be very important to families. For example, a photo of your wifi speed test can be a strong selling point for a remote-working parent. 

Make sure you don’t overpromise. If you don’t have something, don’t say that you do. If you think the family segment is a significant and long-term market for you, then invest in amenities – such as a cot or other child-friendly accessories – that will make your property more appealing to the demographic. 

Remote work and classes are quickly becoming the new normal, so indicating you have a work-friendly space could appeal to today’s families. Also, pets can be important for families travelling together. If your property is pet-friendly, mention it. 

Update your occupancy 

Occupancy refers to the number of adults and children your property can host. Room setups are also very important. People want to understand what type of beds there are and what they can expect. Is there space for them to bring a cot if you don’t have one? Show them the setup of your rooms and the options available to them. 

On our platform, you can also clarify the maximum occupancy of each room, which can help reinforce the availability (as well as any limitations) of cots or roll-away beds at your property. 



Set your rates accordingly 

Setting a child rate can help you engage the demand we’re seeing on our platform for family travel. On the extranet, you can set up to three pricing rules for children based on their age. For example, you could set a rule that allows babies to stay free, but if the guest brings a child between 6-10, then it’s $25 per night. This pricing is clearly displayed to families throughout the booking process to ensure enhanced transparency. 

Offer child-friendly entertainment 

Supplying child-friendly entertainment – toys, game consoles, movies – can be a small investment that leaves a big impression on guests. An important consideration here is wifi – the most important facility for today’s teenagers. If you’re planning on welcoming families, ensuring you have speedy wifi can make all the difference since a lot of today’s entertainment is powered by fast internet speed.

Suggest nearby family-friendly activities

Not all families staying at your property will be familiar with the surroundings. Providing an updated list of nearby attractions and activities – such as parks, zoos or hikes for all levels – in your welcome guide or email can save parents from spending their time researching. 

Alongside activities, think about what other information parents would appreciate. Are there local restaurants that have great takeaway menus for kids? If so, noting them can show families that you’re invested in creating great guest experiences.


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  • We’re seeing increased demand for family travel on our platform, with 61% of travellers planning to use future travel as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones
  • Setting a child rate can help you engage this demand. On the extranet, you can set up to three pricing rules for children based on their age
  • Supplying child-friendly entertainment – toys, game consoles, movies – can be a small investment that shows families you’re committed to creating great guest experiences for them
  • Not all families staying at your property will be familiar with the surroundings. Providing a list of family-friendly things to do locally can be a nice touch