How to get stellar guest reviews this peak season – 6 tips from Traveller Review Award winners

How to get stellar guest reviews this peak season – 6 tips from Traveller Review Award winners

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With peak season almost upon us, and travellers increasingly relying on reviews when picking a property, it’s time to up your game when it comes to guest feedback. Learn from some of the best, as Traveller Review Award winners share their advice.

Reviews are often the top criteria travellers use to narrow down their search for a place to stay. They can also help you better understand what you’re doing well, and where you can improve. Our Traveller Review Awards (TRAs), now in their 12th year, recognise partners who are helping to create unforgettable travel experiences, all based on – you guessed it – their guest reviews. So, who better to help you improve your guest reviews ahead of peak season than some of our past TRA winners?

1. Surprise your guests with small gifts and tailored recommendations 

Donatella Faccioli, Owner, White Lilac B&B

Our ethos is simply to do everything we can to make our guests feel special. We give each staff member a small ‘above and beyond’ budget to spend at their own discretion on small gifts for guests, like flowers for birthdays or chocolates for anniversaries. 

My husband and I are very good listeners and love chatting with our guests, which helps us understand their tastes and interests. Based on that information, and our local knowledge, we can share recommendations for restaurants, local wineries and areas of natural beauty, to create a truly memorable experience for them.

Learn how White Lilac B&B builds customer loyalty by creating memorable guest experiences.

2. Show your guests you value them by creating a truly personal experience 

Giovanna Caprioglio, Communications Manager, Rosapetra Spa Resort

We work hard to create the perfect balance between providing the elegance of a five-star hotel and offering a warm, informal atmosphere that our guests love. One of the best reviews we ever had was from a guest who was blown away by the fact that everyone in the hotel – from the housekeepers to the manager – called him by name throughout his stay. It made a real impression on him. This is the kind of personal hospitality we pride ourselves on. 

We go above and beyond to anticipate the needs of our guests, contacting them in advance to discover what they’re looking for in their holiday. We can then suggest fantastic experiences, like winter sports, and gourmet dining, and make reservations for them before they even get here.

Discover how Rosapetra Spa Resort combines five-star luxury with a family feel.

3. Build an outstanding team committed to excellent customer service 

Cristiano Zucchiatti, General Manager, Maalot Roma

When I read our reviews, what stands out time and time again is that people mention how much they love our staff. I believe hospitality begins with recruitment, and I’ve invested a lot of time trying to recruit the best possible people. I’m very proud of the team I’ve built here. Every day, every week, I’m here investing time with them one-to-one, or all together, to make them feel like a family. I love them for everything they do to make our guests feel special and for creating this fantastic atmosphere.

Find out how Maalot Roma creates a culture of excellence that results in great guest reviews.

Maalot Roma Italy 2


4. A focus on sustainability can have a positive, lasting impact on guest experience 

Lisa Fraser, Owner, Frasers

Placing a strong emphasis on sustainability can have a hugely positive impact on guest experience. Sustainability is in everything we do. It’s in the energy we use, with over half (55%) coming from renewable sources. It’s in our approach to transportation, where our staff organise car sharing and collect guests from the local train station to help them make more sustainable journeys. It’s in the food we offer, where we place a strong emphasis on ‘field to fork’ service, helping us cut our food waste to less than 5% while still offering guests the quality and options that bring them back time and again.

Discover how focusing on sustainability can enhance the guest experience.

5. Give every single guest the VIP treatment 

Georgiana George, Owner, Georgiana’s Guesthouse

What really matters in hospitality is to make each individual guest feel at ease, welcomed and cared for by meeting their particular needs and wishes as well as you possibly can. 

I travelled a lot in my youth and many of the moments that have stayed with me are the small ways accommodation providers went the extra mile for me. Those are the kind of experiences I try to create for my guests. For example, when it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary, I get them a little cake with candles, a joyful card and a bottle of bubbly. Over the years I’ve opened up my wardrobe for guests who forgot to pack a coat, cooked chicken noodle soup for guests feeling under the weather, and created itineraries for guests new to the area who wanted suggestions for places to visit.

Learn how to build customer loyalty by making guests feel like part of the family.

6. Find out as much as you can about your guests, to help you craft their perfect experience 

David Zitzelsberger, Director of Revenue, The Mandrake

We run a programme internally which empowers staff to shape a guest’s relationship with us. Every time we have an interaction with a guest and learn something that can help us offer them a better experience, we write it down and add it to their file. It might be direct information relating to their stay, like their dietary requirements or how they like their morning coffee. But just as valuable, if not more so, are little details about them as a person. Capturing this information means we can ask after their dog by name, make sure there’s a record player in their room with records they might like, or arrange a taxi because they said they were planning to walk across town, but it’s just started raining.

Discover how The Mandrake offers luxury experiences.

Hopefully these award-winning tips will help you deliver the kind of unforgettable guest experiences that result in outstanding reviews time after time. You can also learn more about how to increase your Guest Review Score, so you can make the most of guest feedback and earn more bookings as peak season approaches.


How to get stellar guest reviews this peak season – 6 tips from Traveller Review Award winners
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  • Surprise your guests with small gifts if they’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary.
  • Making sure your staff call guests by their name can make a real impression.
  • With careful recruitment and training you can build an outstanding team committed to providing excellent customer service.
  • Providing a more sustainable guest experience can help improve your guests’ experiences and foster a change in behaviour when they return home.
  • Going the extra mile to give every guest the VIP treatment will help you to great reviews and return visits.
  • Taking the time to learn personal details about your guests can really pay off to help you craft their perfect experience.