Video: Cybersecurity in a COVID-19 world

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How cybersecurity has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, and what is doing to protect your business against online threats

The Coronavirus has disrupted the way we work in more ways than one. As businesses rapidly innovate to adapt to an increasingly digital world, cybercriminals are, sadly, targeting our growing dependence on technology. In 2020 alone, the average cost of a data breach in the hospitality industry was US$1.72m, with remote work increasing the average cost by US$137,000, according to IBM.

In this video interview, Valentina Bonsi, Director of Cybersecurity at, joins Amon Versteeg, Director of Marketing - Supply & Industry Partners at, to discuss the online threats you should be aware of, what you can do to decrease your risk of a cyberattack, and how is working behind-the-scenes to protect your property. 


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  • The two biggest cybersecurity threats remain phishing and social engineering. Across the whole industry, there has been no decrease in the number of attacks, and the level of attempts is still quite high.
  • To decrease the risk of a cyberattack, partners should avoid printing credit card details, make use of two-factor authentication and create individual accounts for employees
  • To help keep accounts secure, invests in always-on monitoring, strict authentication rules and payment monitoring 
  • Partners can report any suspicious activity via