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Podcast: #10 - How to drive change in sustainable travel

In the tenth episode of the Click. podcast we delve into the landscape of sustainable travel and and some of the initiatives already making an impact.

This episode of the podcast tackles the all-important topic of sustainability in the travel industry. We hear from Marcel Zuidhof, Co-Founder of social enterprise Hotel Con Corazon and Booking Cares' Marianne Gybels and explore why sustainability in tourism matters, how the industry can make a difference and whether travel has the power to drive widespread behavioural change.

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Interview by Katrina Visser, Travel Writer at Booking.com, joined by Marcel Zuidhof, Co-Founder of Hotel Con Corazon, and Marianne Gybels, Global Manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Booking.com.


  • Sustainable tourism prioritises the likes of environmental conservation, tourism dispersal and cultural awareness in an effort to reduce any negative impacts such as overtourism and carbon-footprint
  • By observing sustainable practises, travel industry brands have the opportunity to change guest behaviours and encourage long-term engagement in responsible tourism
  • Hotel Con Corazon was a Booking Booster participant in 2018, the same year it opened its second property in South America, extending its social mission to from Nicaragua to Mexico
  • Booking.com drives sustainable travel innovation through the Booking Cares Fund, supporting non-profit projects; Booking Booster, an accelerator programme for sustainable travel scale-ups; and Booking Cares Labs, in partnership with local governments

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