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Podcast: #11 - Unpacking Booking.com’s 2020 travel trend predictions

In the eleventh episode of the Click. Podcast we explore a selection of the trends set to shape the industry in 2020, as predicted by Booking.com

Booking.com recently published its forecast on the trends likely to influence the travel industry in 2020. In this episode of the podcast, we hear from futurologist Thimon de Jong and futurology pioneer, Magnus Lindkvist who share their views on these predictions - from the rise of the ‘second city’ traveller to the all-amusive escape.

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Interview by Nicola Donovan, Travel Writer at Booking.com, joined by Thimon de Jong, Futurologist and Founder at Whetston, and Magnus Lindkvist, Futurology Pioneer and Author.


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  • ‘Second city’ travel will continue to build momentum as more travellers become aware of the impact of overtourism
  • 2020 and beyond will see even more applications of Artificial Intelligence within the travel industry
  • Skip-gen travel will become increasingly popular as more grandparents begin taking vacations with their grandkids
  • Travellers will increasingly seek out destinations that offer an array of experiences and attractions, rather than settling into one theme for their entire vacation

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