Vacation rental industry trends

Podcast: #12 - Exploring the future of short-term rentals

In the twelfth episode of the Click. podcast we unpack the key trends that emerged from this year’s VRMA International Conference and explore the future of the short-term rental industry

The short-term rental sector is rapidly growing with an average of seven Booking.com guests checking into a home, apartment or other unique place to stay every second. As the industry continues on the road to professionalisation, we consider the role of quality standards, consolidation and new technology.

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Interview by Nicola Donovan, Travel Writer at Booking.com, joined by Lissa Terrel, Group Product Manager at Booking.com, and Rick Engeringh, Head of Commerce at Cityden. 


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  • New quality standards that help inform guests expectations will be key moving forward
  • Tech innovations that help streamline the operational side of the business will help further professionalise the industry
  • As more hotels enter the space, there will be a greater focus on industry consolidation 
  • Alongside these areas, an emphasis on the unique nature of vacation rentals and that human, personalised service will remain key

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