Podcast: #9 - Improving guest reviews

In the ninth episode of the Click. podcast we shine the light on guest reviews, bringing you expert advice and actionable insights

This episode of the podcast is shining the light on guest reviews. We’ll discover the psychology behind guest reviews with Booking.com’s Senior Consumer Psychologist, share tips from Hotelreader.com on how to improve your reviews and explore how to tackle fake claims and boost your online reputation.

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Articles written by Dr. Gerben Langendijk, Emma Atanasoska, Ellie Ross and Lottie Gross. 


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Learn more about the Guest Review Awards

The Guest Review Awards programme is Booking.com’s yearly appreciation programme that recognises partners for their exceptional hospitality. 

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This episode contains the following audio articles: 

  • What's the psychology behind guest reviews?
  • Spotlight on: fake reviews
  • Simple ways to improve hotel reviews
  • Back to basics: online reputation management

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