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8 holiday rental amenities you should be showcasing

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What’s the secret to satisfied guests and securing more bookings? A big part of it is offering the right amenities. Satisfied guests are not only likely to rate your property higher and give great reviews, but they’re also more likely to return

We recently asked 42,513 respondents in 33 markets* the importance of certain amenities. Here’s what they value most.   

Free wifi ranks highest 

A hefty 70% of global travellers say a free internet connection is “very” or “extremely” important. A fast, free, reliable internet connection is key to attracting more guests – and keeping them happy throughout their stay.   

Air conditioning is a hot topic 

Air conditioning in the property was well received by global travellers, with 67% highlighting it as a must-have amenity.  

North Americans and travellers from Oceania were among air con’s biggest fans. This was closely followed by Asian and Latin American travellers (77%). Although European travellers were notably cooler about it being a must-have, with 56% highlighting it as a must-have. 

Lacking air conditioning? Offer guests fans, point them in the direction of the swimming pool, or highlight other areas where they can cool down. 

24-hour check-in is key 

In today’s 24/7 society, it’s no surprise that over half (55%) of global travellers cited being able to check in at any time as important for an enjoyable stay. Travellers from Thailand, Vietnam and China were especially keen on this.  

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you must be around to meet guests at all times of the day. Consider using a key safe and combination code - especially for those arriving late at night or in the early hours.  

Parking is preferred

Although not all guests will turn up in cars, having somewhere to park is still appreciated by more than half (54%) of people on holiday. Those who most rate having somewhere safe and easy to park their vehicles are travellers from Croatia, France, Italy and New Zealand. 

Not all hosts will have onsite parking, so be sure to know areas where guests can safely park. And if you are able to reserve parking spots nearby, all the better. 

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Good views lead to good reviews

Our survey revealed that some 53% of global guests appreciate “a nice view from the room” – especially those on holiday from Thailand, Germany, India and South Korea, who ranked it among their top-three amenities.  

Naturally, not all rooms will come with spectacular vistas. In that case, you could point guests in the direction of the best views in town. And if you have shared areas of the property where travellers can take in the local landscape, or a pretty garden or courtyard for travellers to enjoy, highlight them in your photos. 

Self-catering facilities are a hit 

Not all guests want to eat out all of the time. Cooking facilities – such as a stove or microwave – offer that extra bit of freedom and go down well with more than a third (39%) of global travellers. 

If not all of your rooms have self-catering facilities, highlight the ones that do for those travellers who are looking for them. 

Millennials and Gen Z are keener on connecting their devices 

Some 39% of all travellers rated ‘device connectivity’ as a welcome amenity. Such technology includes having a smart TV that allows for streaming, or providing Bluetooth speakers that guests can connect to. If the TVs in your property don’t offer streaming, consider updating them, so that guests can happily watch their favourite shows in their downtime.

Both millennials (46%) and Gen Z (46%) were over twice as likely than baby boomers (22%) to view such devices as a must-have. 

Spa facilities are special 

We realise that for many hosts, offering spa facilities might be viewed less as a ‘must-have’ and more a ‘very-nice-to-have’. Still, 33% of global travellers are fond of such amenities - particularly those from Asia (48%) and Latin America (40%).  

Don’t happen to have a sauna, spa, or a hot spring bubbling away in your garden? Don’t panic. Guests will appreciate a recommendation to local spa facilities where they can unwind. Not only does this help out guests, it also helps support the local community.  

Travellers may also appreciate suggestions for a massage therapist or manicurist who can visit your property. You could also consider leaving guests spa-inspired toiletries for some at home pampering.  

We understand that not all hosts will be able to offer all of these amenities. It’s more about exhibiting the ones that you do have and providing alternatives for ones you don’t. Guests understand - and they’ll appreciate your extra effort to make their stay that bit more special.  

*Research was commissioned by and independently conducted among a sample of adults who had taken a trip in the last 12 months and planned to take a trip in 2023. The sample comprised 42,513 respondents across 33 markets. Respondents completed an online survey in January or February 2023. 

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  • Occupying the top spots for must-have amenities are free wifi and air conditioning
  • Over half of global guests are pleased by 24-hour check-in and available parking please 
  • Offering accessible tech is more popular with millennials and Gen Z than other generations