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Click. Magazine’s most popular reads of 2019

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This month marks the two-year anniversary of Click. In the past year, we tackled some of the industry’s biggest trends while also learning from experts who shared their hospitality experience and advice with our readers

1. The Student Hotel Founder on ‘hybridisation’ in hospitality

Charlie Macgregor founded The Student Hotel with no experience as a hotelier, but he came armed with a myriad of community-building ideas. We discovered how he makes his hospitality hybridisation model work.

2. Podcast: #7 - Transformation of online payments

“Different people from different places and different cultures all want to pay in very different ways,” notes Brian Dammeir, Head of Product at Adyen. His chat with Morten Larsen, Head of Product Marketing at, unpacked the complexity underlying payments to understand how one in five customers don’t complete a reservation due to unavailability of their preferred payment method.

3. Kimpton Hotels' CEO on successful leadership

Mike DeFrino, CEO of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, began his career washing dishes in restaurants at age 14 and worked his way up the hospitality ladder to become CEO of one of Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. We discovered what he learned about leadership along the way.

Kimpton Hotels' Mike De Frino shared his experience and insights on leadership. Photo credit:, Pexels


4. Debranding a hotel in 90 days

Stepping away from an established brand to pursue independence might seem like a difficult objective. But Jens Egemalm, Director of Distribution at Pandox RMC, argued that independent hotels can now pick and customise their distribution landscape to suit their particular needs without having systems, process or staffing levels dictated from elsewhere.

5. What's the appeal of dark tourism?

The lure of vacation destinations connected to death, disaster and atrocity can be hard to understand. We learned how the true appeal of dark tourism may lie in understanding, honouring and learning from these grisly historical moments.

6. The role of experimentation at

Extensive A/B testing, where one group of observers sees the current version of a product while the rest see a different version, is a staple at Lukas Vermeer, Director of Experimentation, explained how running 1,000 such experiments concurrently helps challenge assumptions.

7. Podcast: #9 - Improving guest reviews

A guest’s experience can be influenced by everything from their background in life to how they happen to be feeling that day. In this Click. podcast, we tackled the psychology behind guest reviews, fake claims, online reputation management and how to improve reviews.

extranet guest reviews
The ninth Click. Magazine podcast delved into guest reviews - what influences them, how they impact your online reputation and how to improve them. Photo credit:


8. The days of “lazy marketing” are over

Arjan Dijk, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at, sat down to talk about changes in the travel marketing landscape. Reaching large numbers of people with the same message is not easy anymore, which means you must use data to dissect patterns and serve offers to customers at the right time in the right channel.

9. The pros and cons of outsourcing services

Outsourcing, delegating tasks and operations, can help hotels save time and money. From marketing to housekeeping, we explored which services and operations are worth contracting to external suppliers.

10. Unlocking the potential of single-night stays

A host of experts delved into the promotion strategies and SEO tips that could help hoteliers and short-term rentals hosts alike meet the rising demand for impulse purchases and last-minute bookings for single-night stays.


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  • We've heard from industry insiders including Mike DeFrino, CEO of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Marco Lemmers CEO & Co-Founder of Conscious Hotels, and Vanessa de Souza Lage, Co-Founder & CMO of Rentals United