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Holiday rentals: top tips to get your dining area guest-ready

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An anniversary dinner, the little one’s first ‘solids’ meal, or a much-needed catch up between best friends – your dining room has the potential to host so many special holiday moments. So, let’s make this space the best it can be

The dining area is a big part of getting your rental formula right. People aren't necessarily looking for a formal dining experience – especially on holiday. But they do want an inviting space to share food and a few drinks, while they hang out and create memories. It’s a focal point for togetherness and here’s how to perfect yours.

Design a dining experience just for them

Keep the profile of your guests front of mind when preparing the dining area and personalise the experience whenever you can. It may sound like a given, but if you know you’re hosting three people, lay the table for three – not four. If you’re welcoming a couple with a young family, make their lives instantly easier with a highchair and children’s utensils. When it’s a more intimate booking for two, why not set the table for a candlelit dinner? And if it’s a large family booking, they might appreciate an extended tabletop, with a good range of board games close to hand.

Make your space versatile

Our 2023 Travel Trends research tells us that 41% of global travellers are now regularly working from home. From this pool, 44% took a working holiday in 2022, while a further 38% would be interested in doing this in the future. All of this to say, your dining table is likely to double-up as a desk fairly often. So, invest in your furniture. The table needs to be sturdy, the chairs need to be comfortable and offer back support, and it all needs to be easy to clean. An extendable table is also recommended as it gives your guests even more flexibility.

Add the ambience

Achieving the right atmosphere takes a little thought but it’s nothing you can’t perfect with a bit of practice. Think about how to align the décor with the character of your rental. Whether it’s a contemporary city centre apartment or a rustic, rural escape, your table settings and lighting options should feel like a good fit. 

Flowers always work well. A seasonal floral bouquet in the middle of your main table, combined with simple candle holders, and a decorative cushion or two can really help to make the area feel that bit more special. 

One of the high points of any holiday is a chance to sample the local cuisine. Remember to provide options to suit everyone’s taste. From the local grocery store to high street delicatessens and takeaways, let everyone know what’s on offer, how they can get it – and what you’d personally recommend.

Pay attention to the finer details 

People tend to take more time over dinner on holiday than at home. It becomes more of an occasion, so bear this in mind when picking your furnishings.

Note down what place mats and table runners you buy – and when – so it’s easy to manage wear and tear and keep everything looking fresh. A selection of drink coasters and trivets for hot dishes should be placed prominently to prevent unintentional damage to your table or countertops. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your guests how they found your dining arrangements. You never know when a handy insight will light the spark for an improved experience. Also, keep one eye on recent feedback and make sure to respond to them promptly – with polite and considered comments.

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  • With 41% of global travellers taking a trip in 2022 that lasted seven or more nights – the chances are guests will want to have at least a couple of nights in where they can dine at home
  • Provide your guests with all the information they need about local grocery stores, delicatessens and takeaways to help them make the most of the area. Add personal recommendations to give them a more authentic experience
  • 41% of global travellers regularly work from home. Of these, 38% have an interest in taking a working holiday in the future. So, think about how you can make the dining area fit for two purposes: eating and meetings