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How Booking.com helped Fattal Hotel Group embrace the Extranet

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From updating your policies, rooms and rates, to reviewing important performance data and guest messaging, the Extranet is an indispensable tool for our partners. We heard from the Booking.com team in Israel about an interesting initiative they collaborated on with Fattal Hotel Group

Whether you are running an international hotel group, a group of vacation rental properties or a single apartment as a side hustle, being able to navigate the Extranet - the administrative dashboard for your property - is an important step in the Booking.com partner journey.

Once the basics have been established, there are a number of resources, reports and products that help you manage operations and grow your business. Understanding how to optimise the Extranet to the best of your abilities is key, which is why Fattal Hotel Group in Israel decided to embark on dedicated Extranet training with its Account Manager, Shiri Meir. 

Empowering the team

“As a hotel chain who truly believe in giving our guests the best hospitality experience they can get, we take online reputation very seriously,” says Juli Arviv, Social and Reputation Manager for Fattal Hotel Group. “We’d noticed that the amount of reviews submitted through Booking.com did not actually match the amount of hotel bookings. Therefore, it was very important for us to maximise hotel management with all the information they could generate from the Extranet, in particular around guest reviews." 

The idea started as a one-off for the group’s properties in the Dead Sea, but was soon rolled out across the wider portfolio. “I contacted Shiri and asked her to build seminar for each region, and to present data for each hotel at the revenue level, handling guest requests, responding to the reviews and hospitality experience of booking guests,” says Arviv.

Hotel managers, guest relations managers, reception managers and online trustees were invited to participate in the seminars, during which Meir provided deep-dives on topics like the reply score and answered questions from attendees. In addition to learning more about revenue and reservations, the sessions helped the Fattal team understand the importance of guest requests, and how to drive great reviews from guests.

“We’ve been able to reach and support over 200 of Fattal’s team in the last quarter, and it’s been fantastic to see the impact,” says Shiri Meir, Account Manager at Booking.com. Already the group is looking at organising further quarterly seminars to help the team follow their progress and make any appropriate changes “Being able to empower the staff at many levels has been great,” adds Meir, “they can now engage with guest reviews and messaging with ease, make informed changes - and they are already seeing the results.”

Knowledge sharing

The seminars also provided a learning environment for Booking.com, with Fattal Hotel Group’s team embracing the opportunity for knowledge sharing: “They [the Fattal team] had the chance to share their insights regarding Booking’s reservations, guests and Extranet operations,” says Arviv. “They came up with several ideas which Shiri took to present to the development teams and Booking management. So it was very productive for both sides.”  

“It’s also been a good opportunity to connect with more of the team across Fattal Hotel Group’s business and really help them with areas that they, individually, have found challenging,” adds Meir. “We’d set out to create something that would help the group at strategic level, but have been able to find unique elements for each hotel that make a difference to the experience they can offer guests.”


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  • The Extranet is the administrative dashboard from which all Booking partners can manage their property
  • Here, partners can find all property page information like payment policies, rates and descriptions 
  • Performance data and analysis can help you improve your performance and the likes of messaging tools to help streamline operations