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How travellers rediscovered domestic destinations this summer

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When it comes to planning a trip post-lockdown, travellers are discovering - and in many cases rediscovering - the destinations on their doorstep. We reveal the domestic locations that are trending in different countries across the globe

With the ever-evolving complexities of international travel restrictions and quarantine rules, the convenience of a domestic stay has proved more appealing than ever, with many of our customers booking trips closer to home. 

Shining the spotlight on a selection of countries, we look at the local hotspots that were popular with guests this summer. From seaside escapes to urban favourites, partners based in these domestic destinations were high on the agenda for travellers.


Delving into this summer’s travel patterns, the average distance Italians travelled from 1 June to 31 August was down 60% from last year.* 

Partners in drivable seaside towns were top of mind for Italian travellers, with Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Caorle, Tropea, Lido di Jesolo, Bibione, Capri and Pechici topping the list of trending destinations.** Despite these coastal towns gaining popularity, urban hotspots - Rome, Rimini, Florence and Naples - remained the most booked trips.

While Italy was the most popular country booked by locals, France was the next most popular, followed by Greece, Spain and Germany, demonstrating that even Italians who did travel abroad chose to remain within the EU. 

The United States of America

American travellers also looked closer to home for their summer getaway, with domestic travel leading the region’s recovery. 

Nature escapes proved to be the most popular choice, with many Americans rediscovering the mountains of the west and seaside destinations on the east. Stand-out locations were West Yellowstone, Wildwood NJ, Lake George, Ocean City, Wilmington NC and Gulf Shores AL.**

As for the most booked places, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Orlando and Ocean City topped the list. 

The United Kingdom

For Brits, the average journey per booking this summer was 484kms, down from 1,278kms in 2019.* 

Image credit: Benjamin Davies, Unsplash


Driveable seaside towns were among the top trending destinations. In particular, Portree, Isle of Skye; Ilfracombe, Devon; Skegness, Lincolnshire; and Newquay, Cornwall were among the destinations that saw a relative year-over-year increase in interest.**

When it comes to booking data, though, England’s cities were still the most popular, with London, Liverpool, Blackpool and Manchester topping the list for most booked destinations.


Last summer, German travellers journeyed 1,149kms on average per booking.* This dropped 62% to 440kms during the same period this year.*

Traditional destinations in the south of the country saw a relative increase in interest from travellers year-over-year. Berchtesgaden, Bavaria; Cochem, Reinland-Pflaz; Bernkastel Kues, Rhineland-Palatinate; and Rust, Baden-Württemberg were among the most popular places.** 

While the interest in rural getaways grew, properties in metropolitan areas were still booked the most. In particular, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Dresden proved to be the most popular choices for German travellers.


The average distance Canadians travelled during the summer months this year was down 71% from the same time last year*, highlighting just how different this summer was from last year due to the pandemic. 

Lake and river-side towns grew in popularity, with partners located in Banff, Mont-Tremblant, Kingston and Revelstoke seeing an uptick in popularity.** The top booked properties, however, were located in Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver. 


During peak season last year, French travellers journeyed 1,373kms on average per booking. This year, that distance dropped to just 549kms per booking.* 

Mediterranean beaches topped the list of trending destinations, with Cap d’Agde, Argeles sur Mer, Saint Raphael, Sarlat la Caneda and Cannes coming in on top.** 

Although these seaside locations gained popularity year-over-year, cities still take the win for the most booked destinations by French travellers. Partners in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux, in particular, received the most bookings.


*Average distance was calculated by taking the distance between a booker’s estimated location based on IP and the destination as a straight line. Year on year changes were calculated by looking at bookings by travellers between 1 June and 31 August 2020, comparing to the same months in 2019.
**To calculate trending destinations, the top 100 most booked destinations (per country) were sorted by the year on year difference in Bookings between June and August 2020 and the same months in 2019. Note that because of the overall slump in travel this does not mean that trending destinations saw an absolute increase in Bookings.


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  • Our data shows that the convenience of a domestic stay has proved more appealing than ever during the pandemic, with many of our customers booking trips closer to home
  • Seaside towns within driving distance and nature escapes were the top trending destinations by many travellers this summer
  • However, city breaks were still the most booked by locals in countries around the world