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LGBTQ+ travellers choose brands committed to inclusivity

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LGBTQ+ travellers are more likely to book with businesses that support the community our research has found

When it comes to picking a destination, research is a key decision-maker for LGBTQ+ travellers, with our recent survey revealing that over half (56%) are likely to choose a destination that allows them to learn more about the historical aspects of the LGBTQ+ community. 

As well as fostering a sense of connection and enriching travel experiences, LGBTQ+ travellers are also looking to brands that support and celebrate diversity. Here’s what else respondents had to say:

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  • We surveyed 5,514 LGBTQ+ travellers from 25 countries about their past experiences, current realities and hopes for a more inclusive travel future
  • The research reveals that the LGBTQ+ community of a destination sits at the heart of many LGBTQ+ traveller decisions, with 64% of LGBTQ+ travellers more likely to book brands that support the community
  • They also look to brands to support and recognise the community too, with more than half of LGBTQ+ travellers (55%) more likely to seek out attractions or activities that are tailored to the LGBTQ+ community