The rise of off-grid travel experiences

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As travel starts up again this year, what kind of experiences are travellers looking for?

We surveyed more than 24,000 people across 32 countries and territories and discovered that over half (55%) of global travellers are looking to go ‘off-grid’ for their next trip. Here are some simple ways you can help them to unlock the kind of experiences they’re after.

Offer a back-to-basics experience (to an extent)

Many travellers (44%) are keen to get back to basics and experience life with only the bare necessities. This is especially true of younger generations including Millennials (51%) and Gen Z (50%) when compared to Baby Boomers (27%) and Generation X (39%).

As an accommodation provider, offering guests the opportunity to be more self-sufficient – such as providing guidance on sourcing and preparing their own meals during their stay – can cater to this desire for simplicity. 

But there’s one big exception – the majority (53%) consider phone and internet connection a non-negotiable requirement, so fast and reliable wifi is still a must.

Partner with local experts

For over half of these travellers (58%), getting off-grid comes with a desire to learn new skills, including:

  • How to source clean water (53%)
  • How to light a fire from scratch (42%)
  • How to forage for food in the wild (39%)

What’s more, nearly two fifths (39%) want to learn the kinds of skills that could help them survive an apocalypse. 

While this might not be something you offer directly, finding a local expert who can offer these experiences could lead to a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Share your insider knowledge of the area

Recommending nature-based opportunities guests have while staying with you – from nearby hiking tracks to the best place to catch the sunset – can cater to travellers searching for simplicity. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t recommend more luxurious ideas, however. In fact, almost half (48%) would only consider going ‘off-grid’ if it can be at a more indulgent stay.

Promote your sustainability practices

For many travellers, the desire to go off-grid can stem from a desire to get back to nature and to seek out authentic, sustainable experiences. To reach these travellers, you can display your sustainability practices on our platform via our Travel Sustainable programme

If you’re new to sustainability, our Travel Sustainable Handbook can give you insights into actions you can take to start reducing your impact.


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  • More than half (55%) of travellers are looking for an ‘off-grid’ holiday in 2023 – particularly younger generations
  • For 58%, getting off-grid comes with a desire to learn new skills such as sourcing clean water and lighting a fire from scratch
  • Displaying your sustainability practises can play a part in attracting guests that are looking to reconnect with nature
  • Your insider knowledge of the local area can help guests find the kind of back-to-basics experiences they crave