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Throwback to Click 2019: your questions answered

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We bring you exclusive access to insights shared by a selection of’s leadership team during Click. 2019, our annual partner conference

From technology innovations and increasing incremental reach to selling experiences and sustainability, a selection of’s leadership team came together at Click. 2019 to answer audience questions about some of the industry’s biggest topics.

Featuring Pepijn Rijvers, Senior Vice President of Accommodations at; Ripsy Bandourian, Vice President of Partnerships at; and James Waters, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations.


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  • Consumers now have more options than ever and are exposed to multiple touchpoints throughout their journey. The ability to capture them through different acquisition tactics is critical and can add incrementality immediately
  • Some regions are incredibly mobile dominant and the way they think about, and book, travel is very different from a desktop user. This is where we start to see the emergence of “super apps” that are generating demand in a very different way
  • There’s an industry demand, from both a supply and consumer perspective, for a more sustainable approach to travel. The responsibility that has is innovating around making sure the right type of supply is surfaced to the right customer, at the right time and with that sustainability aspect attached to it
  • Competition is continuously increasing in the travel industry. The role of demand platforms has grown tremendously over the past 10-15 years – such as Amazon, Google and Instagram – and they now play a key role in the space