Travel trends: 2022 trip plans for Oceania travellers

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Discover what travel looks like for bookers in Australia and New Zealand this year

With strict international travel restrictions lifted across Oceania, exploration is back on the agenda for those in Australia and New Zealand. But what types of trips are bookers in this region planning?

As part of our annual Travel Trends survey, we asked 2,595 travellers from across both countries about their future travel ambitions. Here’s what they said. 

Family and friends first

It’s unsurprising that bookers in Oceania want to be reunited with their loved ones this year. In fact, visiting family and friends is the main travel motivator for respondents, with 40% planning to take a trip for that reason. 

Those surveyed also anticipate travelling as a family: 53% say they’re likely to embark with a partner or spouse, while 27% are likely to travel with their children. 

Travel companions


With 42% likely to visit a destination that’s enjoyable for both children and adults, updating any family-friendly features you offer in the extranet – whether that’s kids’ activities or meals – could help you boost bookings. Additionally, setting competitive child rates can lead to an increase in family bookings by up to 15% on average. 

In contrast, business travel is taking a backseat for bookers in the region. When surveyed at the beginning of this year 69% said they aren’t planning to travel for work. So instead of shining the spotlight on your conference facilities and meeting rooms, putting the focus firmly on any leisure activities you offer could be more beneficial. 

Hitting the road ranks highly 

While weekend breaks are more popular among respondents from New Zealand, and beach vacations with those from Australia, both countries are united in their love of a road trip, with 34% considering taking one this year – slightly higher compared to the global average. 

This might explain why the most popular accommodation type after hotels (45%) is motels, which are the preferred type of stay for 32% of respondents. Is your property conveniently positioned for motorists? Do you offer free parking or electric vehicle charging options? Let your guests know in the extranet

Accommodation types


Also worth highlighting in the extranet are facilities such as kitchens and washing machines. That’s because 45% of respondents from Oceania rate self-catering facilities as important – higher than any other market globally.

In third place, resorts are a firm favourite with travellers, particularly those from Australia, indicating that people in this market value convenience and appreciate having all their travel needs catered for in one place. 

Uniqueness is no match for familiarity 

Despite the fact that 30% of respondents claim they plan to pick their destination based on the unique accommodation on offer, over half (59%) say they will return to a property they enjoyed previously. 

Accommodation decision makers


To encourage repeat bookings, ensure your guests’ stay is as memorable as possible – from the moment they check-in. The arrival experience sets the tone for the entire stay, so it pays to create a lasting impression. Ease the burden of pre-trip planning by detailing useful check-in information and ensure your property description and photos are accurate to set realistic expectations.


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  • We surveyed 2,595 travellers from Oceania to uncover their future trip plans
  • 40% of respondents are planning to visit friends and family this year, with 53% likely to travel with a partner, 27% with children and 20% with friends
  • Road trips are popular with travellers from both Australia and New Zealand, with 34% considering taking one this year
  • Respondents value familiarity and 59% will return to an accommodation they’ve enjoyed in the past