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Navigating new traveller behaviours this summer

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere – and it’s looking promising. Ripsy Bandourian, Vice President of Global Accommodations at, shares key data on summer travel trends to help you maximise your property’s success this season
With demand ramping up in parts of the world, so too are new cybercrime tactics. To protect your business and your guests against data breaches, it’s crucial to stay on top of these emerging threats and make sure you can recognise the red flags of suspicious activity research has revealed that concerns around unsafe environments and the risk of theft are among the top concerns of global travellers. Conquer the fears of travellers and make your property a safe space
Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day, now may be a good time for partners to assess how they appeal to female travellers. We delved into the data and spoke to some partners to find out how they appeal to this cohort
With countries at different stages of the pandemic and travel happening at varying rates, Europe’s recovery will be anything but linear. But with its strong domestic traveller base, the DACH region may have a head start
Industry Perspectives

Smart home technology for your short-term rental

Smart home tech is on the rise, with COVID-19 accelerating the adoption of automation and contactless technology. Sean Miller, President of PointCentral, shares his expert advice on how short-term rentals can best invest in it

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