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Отметить бронь

Мне нужно отменить бронирование клиента. Я не могу встретить гостей. В квартире проблемы с канализацией, не успеем решить вопрос. А отменить он не может, отмена платная. Как я могу отменить сама или хотя бы поменять настройки на отмену бронирования в 1 день. Бронирование ***


You cannot change the cancellation policy for a specific guest once the booking has been made.

Contact the guest to explain and advise them to cancel in exchange for you giving a full refund.

If you cancel it will cost dearly in relocation costs.



Hi Julia Davydova 


Mark reservation I need to cancel a customer reservation. I can not meet the guests. There are sewage problems in the apartment, we will not have time to resolve the issue. But he can’t cancel, cancellation is paid. How can I cancel it myself or at least change the settings for canceling a reservation in 1 day. 


So yes you can  cancel  once you directly contact the guest and not via Booking Customer Service. 


The minute you engage BdC to help they will relocate the Guest and charge you for the difference in price. But if you are happy to do that then that ca nbe the easier  option but at a price of course.

So depending on how much time and notice you can give the guest they may be able to find something else them selves.


Or better yet you could try to find them somewhere and provide the details. 

Its worth the effort to prevent BdC billing you for relocation.


Be Smart about it :)

How To:


  • Open reservation page.
  • send message
  • Ask them to change dates first, then if possible offer them another place nearby.
  • Say you will start the cancelation porcess and the prepaid money to will start refund once they receive an email with the link to confirm.
  • Now once they reply and agree to cancel, you click on right pane, Request Cancel, and choose option 2.


Kind Regards