‘Room decided at check-in’ option,

I've just read on a BDC article about the importance of availability that there is a ‘Room decided at check-in’ option. To quote form the article,

"And if you want to keep it flexible, you could even go with a ‘Room decided at check-in’ option, so you can sell all left-over rooms within one room type – and hold back your more expensive rooms until the very last minute!

Here's the BDC article from the 'Knowledge Base' 


Does anyone know how to access and implement  this option? I have found nothing on the extranet.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Goodness, I read that article now and it sounds good but I also can't find any further information on it.

All I can think they mean is that you don't specify the room number to the guest when they book. You tell the guest that the room will be decided when they check. And then about 7 days before check in, you start allocating the more expensive units by raising the price.

Perhaps it's time to pick up that trusty receiver and phone a friend at Booking.com.

Kindly post feedback if you have any!


We have also asked via the extranet but it will take a while to get an answer.

We like the concept - it's like a mystery room. The guest pays a loooow price and gets which ever room we decide to allocate them. Room roulette.

We do something 'similar' on our web page already. We call it 'Non-consecutive' room. We have 5 different room types varying from interior with no view to exterior superior with large terrace. During busy periods we might actually have a room 'available' for a week - 10 days, but it is not always the same room. With a non-consecutive room a guest can have a room but will have to change room up to a maxium of 4 times during their stay. Some times if we receive a cancellation the Non-consecutive actually can become consecutive room for the same low rate.

It is a great way to fill up lose room nights.


Hi all. So we got a reply from BDC....

"Thanks for getting in touch with us.

This is possibly but can only be done internally by one of our specialists. Please call us when it is convenient for you at +XXXXXXXXXX and we ill be happy to help set this up with you.

If you have any other questions the Partner Help Center covers many topics, and we’re always here to help."

So it still seems to be a bit of a secret. We have asked for more clarification of how it actually works before setting it up.

Shame about the referel back to Partner Help Center where there is absolutly no information about it.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Fantastic, thanks for letting us know!

Yes, maybe just point that out to the Specialist when you are on the phone with them, the consultant couldn't even assist so I don't know why they would refer us back to Partner help. But anyway, here is to hoping it's something really great!

Will keep an eye open for your feedback, thanks again!

Keep well.


Hi Leandri,

So we've heard back from BDC.

They have no more information/articles on the subject but say that they can configure a room type called "Room decided at check-in" and at check-in we allocated whichever room type we like.

We have decided not to persue it any further as it seems too vague. As it is guests barely read T&Cs and then complain or leave negative reviews so we'll carrying on selling our 'non-consequtive' rooms via our website where we have greater control.

I'm going to start another feed asking the whole group if any one has the "Room decided at check-in" set up to see if we can get more feedback.