0-commision's program

In March-May 2018 we recomended for brand-new hotels in Abkhazia (at least 4 objects) links for registration in Booking.com and than have 0-comissions. 
Minimum 2 hotels (Aquamarine
 and La Familia
https://www.booking.com/hotel/xa/la-familia.ru.html ) in Gagra start in program and working succesfuly with Booking.com.
Unfortunately, on formality reasons, Sochi's branch not confirm complite registration and we haven't promised bonus.
Gagra is exactly-summer region, that's why booking started on spring but paid comission in July and later/
I have sent 3 e-mails and 2 or 3 times call to customer service but without results.
Would you be so kind to check situations and solve it?
Dr. Ihor M. Zhyhun
owner Wellness Park Hotel Gagra 5* all inclusive 


Perhaps bookings could offer a commission incentive discount for establishments who achieve 9 or more or vote for best button??!