5 things we learned from Click. 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you have already explored our Click. 2021 event page. With this post, I want to sum up five important takeaways that you can already start implementing in your business strategy.


1. Pay attention to your price strategy

As mentioned in one of our sessions, 62% of travelers indicated they would be more price-conscious in 2021. So for partners, getting the right pricing strategy in place will be really important. The Discover session with Lodewijk van Wersch, our Senior Director of Product - Pricing & Loyalty is a great place to start. If you have questions about pricing, feel free to start a conversation. Our Account Advisors will help you in the comments.


2. Understand traveler needs

Our research and data show three common traveler types have emerged from the pandemic: the domestic adventurer, the remote worker, the cross-border explorer. Who are these new types of travelers, and how can you attract them to stay at your property? We share our research results to help you.

I also recommend you to have a look at the session with Karolina Tutaj, Director Market Research & Insights; Veronica Ravaglia, Qualitative Research & Insights Specialist; Eline Metske, Junior Market Research & Insights Specialist:


3. Explore Genius 

In the eight years since it was introduced, Genius has evolved into a highly valuable programme for partners, driving higher conversion and incremental business growth. We'll be delving into upcoming changes to Genius that will offer you even more ways to reach valuable bookers. Learn more.

Andrea Carini (Vice President of Product) and Hein van Thiel (Senior Product Marketing Manager) explain the advantage of Genius:


4. Protect your business against online threats

The two biggest cybersecurity threats are phishing and social engineering, which have taken on new importance during the pandemic as cyber criminals adapt their schemes for this moment. It may sound very complicated to people who are not familiar with cybersecurity. We created a landing page to explain to you how it works and what you need to do to protect yourself.

For those who want to dive deeper, here is the video of the session with Ben Carrall, Director Global Security, Safety and Resilience:


5. Embrace sustainable travel together

We are on a journey to create a more sustainable travel industry - and we’d like you to join us. Here is a sustainability handbook where you can find support and resources on different sustainable initiatives you can introduce at your property. And what is also important - how you can communicate your efforts on your property page through the extranet.

Discover how sustainability will evolve on our platform in 2021 in this video with Marianne Gybels, Director Global Sustainability; Bea de Andres, Head of Sustainability - Core Business and other colleagues:


Which one learning is the most important for you?

Vote in the comments. And feel free to share what you think. Don't forget to use our hashtag #click2021.



M Adamopoulou


Hi Sergei,


Price strategy is of high importance for me but that doesn’t mean that other learnings you mentioned are not important...


Thanks to “Discover why competing...” session I made very important changes in my rates...


It was a professional presentation and it was worth attending!


Hope to meet next year in live ?


Sergei - Commu…

Hi, M Adamopoulou! Thank you for your feedback! 

Not sure what exactly you mean about the hashtag. Can you see it in the list when you start a conversation? Because you can't use the special platform hashtag for comments. However, if you simply mention #click2021, we will still be able to track your comment ;) 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei!

I meant the hashtag use in comment..

In starting a conversation I see it....

Thanks for your response and have a nice weekend ?

Myat Noe Oo

Hi Sergei,

I saved your article in my profile in order to learn this later. Unfortunately I could not attend click 2021 event as the internet connection was blocked by the Military of my country (Myanmar). 

Thanks for sharing with us and it's really worth for me.

M Adamopoulou

Oh Dear Myat, sorry to hear that...


You can at least watch sessions in demand...you will find them most interesting...


Wish you all the best ?

Myat Noe Oo

Thanks Maria

I am going to learn all of those sessions. It would be interesting. 

M Adamopoulou

Massive pleasure Myat!

I havent watched them all....I try to watch everyday....

Take care and be safe.

michael beeston

Hi Myat.............thinking of you...cant believe we were there a year ago and this tragedy has happened since then...AWFUL and so SAD !!! Be safe and Be CAREFUL.  Michael.

Myat Noe Oo

Thanks Michael. I hope to see you all when we are in the normal situation.