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About evaluation

On the 9th-11th of November I had a guest in my apartment according to the booking No. ********. After my guest has left I received an apartment rating of 1 without giving any comments in support of such rating. I would like to notice that there were no claims or complaints from the guest during the stay. The guest has transferred the part of payment in advance and left the remaining amount in cash but less than it was stated in the order. The guest did not kept her word and left the apartment earlier than we had agreed to meet. I think this appraisal of apartments is not based on any logical judgment and should not be included in the overall score. The rating score should reflect information to potential customers, but not the guest's psychological status. Therefore, I demand that the score of 1 which has been given without leaving any comments on the merits of the assessment, or without any word about any claims to my apartments, should be removed. This unjustified assessment damages the reputation of my property and greatly reduces the overall score which can result in a decrease in bookings.
Best regards, Linas L.
Apartamentai 76
ID *******

M Adamopoulou

Dear Lina, very sorry to hear about this awful guest you had. It seems like a nightmare....

Since this is only a Partner Community, I would suggest you to resend your message through your Extranet inbox directly to  

Have in mind that in your Reservation tab you can report a guest for misconduct but you have to do it within 7 days after of check out.

Wish you all the best.

Linas L.

Thank you for understanding.Really unpleasant experience ... I don't have much experience using so I don't know exactly where to send my complaint.

Molly Tang

I do not think BDC will help you to sort it out any kind of unfair scenario, good luck, 

Konstantinos E…

When it comes to guests rating BDC is fully unfair towards their partners. 

Personally to our listing, 5 in total, we offer the best services to our guests and i am proud to say that our hospitality is outstanding! 

Yet some grinchy guests with personal issues come to our property and are all full with negativity all the time as much as you want to help them they are still miserable...

They will leave the apartment and even though you have give your best to give them the most they still have the upper hand to rate low your property... well... just because they didn't like the city or they had a bad experience in their vacation... 

They can rate you with 1 and still BDC will say to you "Sorry sir, there's nothing we can do"

This people charge us 15% and call themselves our partners.

I think no one will help you dear Lina. That 1 rating will stay there unfortunately...