Account Manager Contact

I would like to contact my account manager, however I am not able to find the contact. Please kindly advise how can I do so. 



If you go to your Booking.com Extranet and then to the Inbox and Select Booking.com messages.

Scroll down and on the right hand side half way down it will give you the Account Managers name and contact.

However, if they are away it will usually be diverted to the Customer Service team.


I need my Account manager to contact me regarding queries on finances

Roman Sytnyk

And is there a Group Account Manager? We have 20 properties in Europe and would be good to have only one Account Manager/point of contact for all properties :)

Leandri Klopper

Hi Roman,

I've noticed that you get an account manager per property. But that doesn't stop you from asking the same person for help with any of your properties.

Have you tried asking booking.com to allocate you a single person for all properties? If you ever do, please send us some feedback on what they say please.

Keep well

Elsa Watson

HI there , 

I am trying to get hold of account manager for Underberg Accommodation here in Underberg.  We have a no of properties listed with us .  

Since Alistair left we have not heard or seen anyone.  Alistair was absolutey a star!

It is disgraceful that no-one has contacted us or arranged to meet as well. 

Please can this person whoever they are please get in contact.  


Many thanks