Adding a better quality room to a single property


I'm currently successfully renting 2 medium quality rooms in my house, and now I want to add one more (that is upstairs). However, this one upstairs has way better quality and I want to charge more.

Also, I don't want the reviews of the rooms below to affect the one upstairs (they aren't that relevant, as they are affected by lower quality amenities downstairs).

Can I do this "reviews separation" within one property somehow? Or should I add another property for the room upstairs (even though it's in the same house)?


Leandri Klopper

Hey Dejan ,

Interesting question, thanks for posting.

According to what I've learnt, you are not allowed to add the same property twice. That would have been the only way to seperate the reviews but sadly Booking.com's policy is that if it shares the same address, you can not double add it.

You can easily create higher rates for the upstairs room, but I'm afraid the reviews will still be in play.

Perhaps one of the other partners will know better, hopefully!

Sara Jarvis

I have had different rooms in my house listed, for example a single room, then a double room, also something I took from another host a bed only in lounge for people who want to come late and leave early just sleep and go. and limited use of bathroom but not kitchen.........all at different prices

I currently have 2 of them snoozed but have often had them all in use.All at different prices.

it gives your more control and flexibility.

Sara Jarvis

Dejan if you want to go upmarket with your upstairs room you create more income both for yourself and for Booking.com


ok, but have you listed them as separate properties or as different rooms under one property?

And my problem is NOT about prices being different, that's easy. It's about guest reviews being separated.