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Advice on cancelling guests

Hi, We're a really small property attached to a family home. We've reopened for direct bookings and would like to reopen here too, but our cancellation policy has to be that:

* guests can cancel for free - that's not a problem * we can cancel/move guests' bookings if Covid-19 affects us, eg the Scottish government end up not allowing properites to be open, or there turns out to be a case of Covid from a guest, or other property-specific issue I'm struggling to understand Booking.com's policy on us cancelling guests, rather than vice versa. Can anyone help? Thanks :)

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Hi Lizzie,


That is already the case anyway, so yes you can of course message a guest to advise them of reservation is about to be cancelled.


You can also  give options if you think there is a possibility of later in the year,:


  1. Notify Guest of cancellation due to local and government restrictions. Dont say anymore than that,.and they will receive a system cancellation confirmation email that they must click on to acknowledge, which will then start the 100% refund**  
  2. Now in reservation details page , on right click Request To Cancel and choose option 2.
  3. Now wait for them to click acknowledge, system will notify you by pulse , email, sms if you have them enabled, when they have done it.

This is the process I follow and it works .


I do occassionally get someone asking why and is it personal reason or government, but I do not engage, I stick to the process and not deviate.


Its better to be direct and keep it short and simple.

** this is based on the guest prepaying and using Payments By Booking. The BdC system will auto refund 100% when the partner initiates the cancellation.

Kind Regards

5 months ago
Lizzie Cass-Maran

Thanks so much that's really helpful. I've never had to cancel before so I wasn't sure of the process - I'd used AirBnB and once had to cancel someone and had a nightmare so I'm a bit feart of it! Thanks so much.

5 months ago