Advice needed for all-male groups

I am new to BDC and already I am experiencing problems with all-male groups booking and causing havoc in my holiday let building (four flats and a basement that I live in), disturbing other guests and myself, breaking stuff and leaving the place in a mess putting a strain on cleaning resources.


I have rarely experienced this before and have been running 15 years.


With BDC I cannot charge a deposit (unless I take on day - difficult), nor can I write my own description or mention any of my house rules that are vital for the happiness of everyone else who stays in the building. I am also getting bad reviews from other guests who have been disturbed by said male groups.

With other sites I can vet and email any interested male parties prior, and only once or twice in 15 years have I ever been let down. With BDC I have had two such groups in last month and another just checked in, drunk, young and asking where the nearest clubs are!

I absolutely hate to tar all males with the same brush but it is without exception that every bad experience has been a male group.

I am very close to taking my listings down: I've never had so much commission taken, never waited for so long to be paid, and never had such a lot of awful guests. I am at the end of my tether :( I would like to hear from anyone who is experiencing the same and how they are dealing with it.

With thanks, Jo

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You can use the "Fine print" area to state that a damages deposit will be required on arrival. You could even specify that this is aimed at groups.

Take said deposit and have a very clear check in form that tells the guests the house policies including loss of deposit for any damages and no refund if they need to be ejected e.g. for unruly behaviour, this they have to sign.

6 months ago
Fossilcoast Hawera

Hi Jo, although I have never had to deal with this situation and hopefully will never have to : ) What nightmare, don't give up....take control and edit your listing to target the market you want to reach.Under policies I have stated quiet times from 10.30pm to 8.00am. I mostly attract young families or mature travellers.

Fluff has the right idea, protect yourself with a check in form duly signed stating whats not acceptable and the consequences,

6 months ago