Am I being "punished"?

About 2 weeks ago I have disputed an invoice with B.com and turned up that I was wright. However, no joy for me. Since then my property popularity on site has plummeted and I don't get more than 10-15 property views.per day and sometimes none.Am I being paranoid or I am getting the "back of the bus" kind of deal for having the audacity to disagree with B.com? Here is the proof:

Thuild - Your …

Dear Dida,

Not sure, I have a dispute about an invoice with them at the moment. Let's see what happens :)

But it shouldn't be some type of punishment.

Do you have less availability in that period?

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com


C'mon everybody. Any other thoughts? It could happen to you as well.


Maybe talk to your market manager to see if this is a regional trend. I thought our production was low but after talking to my market manager and reviewing other market reports, we concluded that the submarket we are located in saw a major slow down in demand.

How are your competitors pricing their rooms? Maybe you have someone undercutting you by rate and therefore stealing your fair share.


Thank you for your replay.You got some good points there but I must say that our competitors have similar or higher prices and there is no slowdown in demand, quite the opposite for the tourist season has just begun in Rome.