Anonymous Reviews

How do other people feel about anonymous reviews good or bad. To me reviews are designed to help us improve our business. If it is anonymous we cannot contact the guests to find out what was wrong. Where is the partnership? The partnership is with the guest not the operator. Booking.coms response is very weak at best but because they have the monopoly we do not have a choice. Why are they not listening to partners having seen I am not the only one concerned.

How do I know it is not the competition destroying my business?


Martin Muscat

I completely agree with you Vince. I have noticed that anonymous reviews in the main are bad reviews that guest wont put their name too.

I recently had a guest who originally booked for one night 4 weeks ahead of time then wanting an extra day two days before there stay. Unfortunately I could not accommodate him. I tried to find somewhere else, but Christmas time is just about impossible. Guest was upset that I could not accommodate. My average score is 9.2 and this guest gave me a score of 5.8 lowering my total score to 9.

Booking.com should see this discrepancy and remove these scores especially with no names are attached.

Vince Cooney

Mine was worse, average 9.6 then a 2.9 but since then all 10s. How rediculous that we cannot find out why the bad score