Anonymous Reviews Low Rating

 While most of all of our reviews are 8+ we shortly got a 3.3 rating from an anonymous person with no booking number. As a result of this rating, our overall score clearly decreased. How we can deal with this situation?

Leandri Klopper

Hello there The Rise Hotel ,

Welcome to the forum, congrats on your overall high rating.

The 3.3 is really a bummer, I'm so sorry to hear about this. Did Anonymous write a review to tell you why they gave you the low score? If Anonymous made any claims that is untruthful/vulgar/etc then you can ask Booking.com to investigate and remove the rating.

If however Anonymous did not leave a review, then I'm afraid there is not much can be done.

Sorry, wish I could be of more assistance.

Leandri Klopper

Hi, me again.

I just checked out your page on Booking.com and it seems that the rating of 3.3 didn't do much damage. You have 599 reviews! It's going to take a lot of bad reviews to bring that score down, and if I look at the top reviews, it seems like you will keep doing well!

Best of luck