APP rate on Genius - what does it mean?

Hi all, I have the following questions:


- Currently I'm running 2 different promotions:

1 - Genius (-10% on all Genius guests)

2 - Mobile (-10% on mobile web + app bookings)

I understand these 2 discounts are stackable. Meaning guests can have booking with BOTH promotions


- However I have met a guest earning following discounts (based on Booking.com information)

1 - genius rate (Standard Rate -10%)

2 - APP Rate on Genius 15% (Standard Rate -10%)


What is APP Rate on Genius 15% - where does the number 15% come from?

I only set Genius discount at 10%, not 15%!  Hope anyone can help me with this matter, I appreciate a lot.

Vanna Liapopoulos

Hi. There is a 5% more percentage for genius, I do not remember for what.

It is under the normal genius promotion. Maybe you clicked on that one too.

why don't you call booking.com to explain better. I always call them.

The number is like a local number in each country you are calling from.


Bhaya Cruises

Thanks Vanna, I followed your advice and sent my inquiry to the local Booking.com representative


Hope to have their answers and share with you