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APP rate on Genius - what does it mean?

Hi all, I have the following questions:


- Currently I'm running 2 different promotions:

1 - Genius (-10% on all Genius guests)

2 - Mobile (-10% on mobile web + app bookings)

I understand these 2 discounts are stackable. Meaning guests can have booking with BOTH promotions


- However I have met a guest earning following discounts (based on information)

1 - genius rate (Standard Rate -10%)

2 - APP Rate on Genius 15% (Standard Rate -10%)


What is APP Rate on Genius 15% - where does the number 15% come from?

I only set Genius discount at 10%, not 15%!  Hope anyone can help me with this matter, I appreciate a lot.

Vanna Liapopoulos

Hi. There is a 5% more percentage for genius, I do not remember for what.

It is under the normal genius promotion. Maybe you clicked on that one too.

why don't you call to explain better. I always call them.

The number is like a local number in each country you are calling from.


Bhaya Cruises

Thanks Vanna, I followed your advice and sent my inquiry to the local representative


Hope to have their answers and share with you

Paul Wigger

I cannot believe what has happened with our winter rental market this year. I have activated the the Mobile App discount only (MDOT), but it seems that "Genius" and "APP" discounts are also active. 

This is not so bad i.e. if only one discount is validated. However "" in their wisdom have allowed all 3 to be validated i.e. most of my bookings are now reduced by 30%!

The winter is when the apartment makes most of it's income, I cannot understand why "" would allow the use of multiple discounts!

Has anyone else had this issue?

I will never use the discount offers again.