Applying discounts in Nightsbridge for Booking.com

Hi All,

I'm based in SA and use Nightsbridge to set pricing, do bookings, invoicing etc.  Nightsbridge in turn feeds other sites which are linked in to them such as booking.com, wheretostay, etc.

I have tried several times to add a discount/special rate to offer on booking.com only and I ensure it is linked in Nightsbridge.  Despite this it never pulls through to booking.com and is never shown when I search the results.

Can anyone assist on shedding some light on what I may be doing wrong please?


Leandri Klopper

Hi Pat ,

Thanks for posting. I've been looking into Nightsbridge myself as we are also based in S.A.

Do you wait at least 12 hours before checking if the promotion pulls through? It sometimes takes a while for the "special" to reflect. However I see an increase in posts about this, so maybe Booking.com is having a problem. Have you spoken to them directly?

Keep well!


Hi Leandri,

Indeed it's got nothing to do with a time frame - it simply does not work. If you look at the rates in Booking.com it reflects, yet when you search as a guest the discount is not applied.

It's the old blame game - Speak to Booking.com they must assist, No, this is done by Nightsbridge as they control your rates/calendar. Don't find them to be helping the situation at all.

Kind regards,