When somebody has cancelled a booking than it is necessary that the calendar will be free again. Why does this not happen by the website automaticly. All cancellations stayd still on red. So I missed new bookings. Now I always have to check everytime and change it by hand. Please let me know how I can get done automaticly.



Hi Elly, Actually it does, but only if the guest has done it correctly and the procedure has finished.


Method 1 : Guest phones or messages Customer support to cancel. you get a notification or a phone call first.


Method 2  Guest logs on and opens reservation and follows the cancel button option. You get a notification etc


Method 3 : Guest message or phone you for you to do it. You then click request cancellation on their reservation details page. Choose option2 to trigger system to notifiy guest and guest must click a link in the email to confirm, system then updates to cancelled and room type inventory is +1   

Literally that simple.


Method 4 after guest contacts you , you message or phone BdC Partner Support to do it.


Kind Regards