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Bad review from a no-show guest

We have just received our first-ever really negative review for our property - and it came from a guest who cancelled on the morning of her due arrival.  She wrote saying that unfortunately due to family problems she couldn't make it that day and said that she would probably come again the following weekend (which wasn't actually available). The tone of her communication suggested that we should let her come when she pleased, at no extra cost. I replied politely that it was unfortunate that she could not make it, how disappointed we were not to meet her, and pointed out that we would be delighted if she rebooked via 
As a result, she left a bad review regarding our communication and property, marking us seriously down on all choices (funnily enough except for value for money for which she gave us a 10!). The problem of course now is that her score has dragged down our otherwise excellent rating score on - which I think is really unfair. 


Life on 3rd Gu…

That is exceptionally unfair. There must be a way for guests to prove that they have stayed at the establishment before being able to write a review.

We have had this one awful experience a few months ago, a company made a booking on behalf of the guest for a week's stay. After one night he packed up his things and left without any explanation. I went to the room to see if there was anything wrong, but all was in working order and clean as always. The company called and said that the guest was not happy, but he would not say why, but we must give them a full refund. It is clearly stated in our policy that before seven days of check in you forfeit the 100% payment. I explained this to her and she started threatening that she would write a bad review on every platform that our establishment is based. How horrible is that? I couldn't believe that someone can be so mischievous.

This is a perfect example of how vulnerable we are to get our name tarnished by people who did not even stay at the establishment.

Does anyone have a similar experience or have advise on how to approach a situation like this?


AirBNB has a review policy whereby no reviews are shown until the Guest reviews the Host and Property and the Host reviews the Guest. If one chooses not to review the other then no review is posted. I think that this is much fairer and that maybe should look at revising its Guest Reviews policy.


I agree with the AIRBNB concept. We've had our first bad review from someone who did not read our property description. This review has effected our overall rating and we have already received cancellations. This has upset me and we are considering removing our property from

Nikolaspg111 must improve their review policy because now I think its uncompleted and guests have to much more rights than hosts.We got a two bad review from guests who make a party in our place and from guests who steal some gifts wich we got from our guests and wich we keep in special place at apartment.We had cancell both reservation and report to why we do that and after all guests like that have a right to write a review!?In one review the guest who steal things from us call us cheaters!?It is unbelievable!It must be some resolving center on for such situations.Because on AirBnb they have a great resolving center and when we have a problem with guests thay also carry about how we are partners with them,did we had any complains before from our guests and they also look a reviews for the guests and after that decide what is the best solution for resolving problem.For now,there is no way on to have any protection from guests who doesnt respect your house rules,they may write review like any other guests who repect your place and host.The worse of everything,when you report such guests to and ask from them to leave,they always give bad review with many untrue and imaginary information in it.It is a problem wich many hosts have right now.

Angela @Promhills

Did you mark the booking as a no show or a cancellation? If you did, then should have never sent them a review email and you could contact and insist they remove it as you had already advised the guest did not stay


We mark as no show.Because with first guests who had bad behavior we didnt wish to mark as no show(because not recommend that)so we write to booking,explain whats happend and after that this guests give us a review.We had conversation with booking and they told to us-if guests stayd one night at your place,its no metter what they do,they may destroy your house and you may report all that but on the end that guests have right to write a review.

Purockhostel they do not have any policies to delete the review all they said is to no show them as soon as possible even if they did not stay with us and we forgot to no show the booking then they still can write a bad review and only say they can not delete it that's not fair even if we prove that the guest did not stay

Marc Nephtali

I had a guest who never stayed and also left a nasty review. This should not be allowed, plus there is not even an opportunity to answer.

I addition and earlier this year, a guest booked for 5 nights, decided to leave after the first night. She contacted Paypal (with who she paid) and her entire stay completely refunded. Net net, was a bad review and loss of income. I was not able to get this review removed, however was able to respond


This is all so unfair and I must admit putting me off pretty poor management and extremely unfair Air B&B's system seems much more professional. I would have thought would have valued its property managers considering we are paying their bill

African Serend…

I have just had a similar issue. A guest booked for 3 nights. Called in late the ist night to say they were delayed. Second night sent a message at 10pm to say they were cancelling due to our dogs on the property (well advertised on our page). Forgot to mark as no show and have just received a poor review. should implement a similar AirBnB policy.


Regarding AirBnB as far as I know, all reviews are published. You only have 14days to write a review. After a review is completed, it will be posted to the guest’s or host’s account.



on 26.10.2019 the guest booked Apartment (occupancy max 3 persons), they came 4 in total (with 2 young children).

We didn't accept them because of breaching our policies:

- Our property is exclusively for adults only.

- Children under 12 are not allowed.

- Our standard occupancy doesn't allow additional children.


We suggested them to contact and to cancel the reservation asap, and if we would find a replacement booking we would issue a refund. The guest didn't cancel the booking, so the booking remained active and not bookable for other potential customers. The next day (27.10.) I marked the booking as No-show as suggested by my account manager.


Today I received 2,5 score from this guest. I reported this to and now I am waiting for the answer/solution. :)


Solved :)  


"Dear Partner,

Thanks for your request. We’ve taken another look at the review in question and have decided to remove both the comments and the score from our website. Just be aware that it may take us up to 48 hours to remove them completely.


We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this review. Thanks for your patience and understanding throughout this process.


Best regards, Moderation Team"