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Booking for family with two young children

A family booked with me, with two young children. Now I lately made some changes re. my setup. They ended up at a good address, a home with facilities for the two:  A child of 2 and a baby of a few weeks old. 

Booking the unit, they searched for unit for 2 adults and 2 children. They couldn't find it under our name.

My unit didn't say it was. ( Though changed to 1 child and one infant a while ago)


BdC doesn't count an infant as a child. 

So if future guests search for a booking suitable for them, they should be able to search for a unit for two children, if under 18 or 12, depending the policy choice of host. 

Example: If I would tell someone about my family I don't say: I have one child if I have two children, one of 2 and a baby of a few weeks old. 

In my opinion, a baby is a child, but a child doesn't have to be a baby. correct? 

I know it's tricky. 

But I wonder if this could be changed into the system, please.

And I don't know who to send it to but one of the partners may be able to. 


Thanks a lot, 



Aaltje B. 



For your setup does it make any difference if the child is toddler or baby?

If not, adjust your child policy to cover 0 to X.

Aaltje B.

it is not about the way I set it up, more about the difference in wording that BdC uses.

According to BdC a baby is not a child. or.. It is not counted as a child.


Infant up to 1 year old, then todler or child. 

People who don't know about these wordings are unknowingly looking for the wrong "formula" .

This is probably explained later when people were reading a bit further, but most don't do this. 

If there were a little drawing of an infant on the page where the bookings can be done, that would be clearer and simpler / straightforward and doesn't create confusion. 

A visual approach within the website/listing will make this very simple to distinguish. 


That's basically it. 



Aaltje B. 



For us we have a child as 0 years to five years. 6 or above counts as an adult.

This setting is mainly used for extra bed or not status but is a blanket (pun time) setting for us.

We are set up as a hotel, it may be different for homestays.

Aaltje B.

I understand . 

As long as future guests can find what they are looking for then its fine. 


Thanks Fluff