Booking.com Messaging


We received messages from two sources saying they would like to stay at our B&B, but they do not give their identity or the period they could like to stay. Both were with a lot of mistakes in the text. and one asked to contact him on a personal email-address, outside Booking

Our question : is this a new service of Booking, giving people our Booking.com extranet and then let them book directly?

Kind regards

Louis Stenten, Heimdall B&B


Sounds like a scammer to me and can assure you that booking.com will not encourage guests to book directly!



Hi BnB Heimdall!

Thanks for getting involved with the Community. I’d recommend sending a message through your extranet or use the phone number listed next to your extranet inbox to get more information about this.

Take care!

Kathleen Njoroge

Hi,Pls note we have discontinued any contract for the Conquest Park Villas.This is due to the Civid-19. Please Remove this property from your Booking.com Portfolio.

With Kind regards