BookingSuite WebDirect issue

Hi there all,

i found out about BookingSuite-Webdirect feature from my friend.

And i was confused beacuse i regularly update my listing and  havent found such a "option"

After a little bit of researching i have found out this...


And there it says: "You can access BackOffice through Marketplace  in your Extranet. Just click on Login under the WebDirect icon."

But, there is no Marketplace tab neiter an option.

I would really appreciate if anyone could giv me a help or a hint.

One more thing, for the one year in this bussines i havent had even one booking but on the other side working with Airbnb have led to full season operationing.

Thanks in advance people!




Thanks for your post and sorry to see another partner hasn't responded to you yet. The quickest way to get help on this now would be to send a message to one of our teams through your extranet inbox.

Good luck with everything,