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Dawn Oliver

I have to say it is always a pleasure dealing with Booking.com. Helpful efficient and reliable


Yes I have always found booking.com a pleasure to work with. They will do whatever necessary to keep you informed and happy. Also the support team are very knowledgable and explain things very clearly.

M Adamopoulou

Hello! Pineapple55 and welcome to the forum. Booking.com is an expert in the Hospitality Industry and it’s up to us to make our partnership a flourish one.


Hai Laura,

Hope you are fine. I, MUHAMED KUNHI. T.K.P, Managing Director of PANDYALAPORT, the first Community Tourism Project of North Malabar, Kerala State, India.

I am fully satisfied with booking.com.

Yours sincerely,

Muhamed Kunhi.T.K.P,


M Adamopoulou

-Pandyalaport Booking.com is certainly a leader and it's a pleasure being a part of it. Unfortunately Laura is not with booking.com any more but Brooke here always available to support us.
Have a good day...