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calendar syncing issues

why is not recognising a booking when syncing from Airbnb?  it recognises most bookings but not this one and now i have a double booking!!


ooops sorry to hear about your double booking issues! did you set up the calendar sync correctly and does it show as "OK" in the calendar sync option?

Isle of Wight …

The calendar sync is broken. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. will tell you that although they provide a calendar sync to automate the process, calendar sync is actually a manual task. And like much of the rest of systems, this community is poorly designed too. If it was well designed, you would have seen many other hosts / partners asking exactly the same thing about the calendar sync, and of course, the responses we post again and again and again ....

Some hosts / owners in this community will recommend using a channel manager. I still don't trust any data that exports, whether through a channel manager or ical export. Always block manually.


Channel manager defenitly is a solution. Although listings that are synced through iCal always need some more time to be updated so it's better to block them manually if you are able to. API connections are synced instantly. Some channel manager providers offer API connection with AirBnB. Such as MyAllocator.  

Isle of Wight …

iCal does not work properly - it is not a time issue - the iCal sync is broken. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It might work fine today, then completely lose all settings and booking information tomorrow. We can get double bookings today for properties that were booked 3 months ago. The only benefit with a channel manager is that it MIGHT store the booking data, so if the API breaks, data is still stored. systems are so poor that there is no guarantee that the API will sync correctly every time.


I am saying if you use iCal via Channel Manager (such as AirBnB & HomeAway) it works. Still with some delayed syncing but it works.


If you use Chanel Manager you don't need to sync through iCal. I use CM for more then 3 years now and had no issues with double bookings. And I am connected to 7 different channels (OTA's). So from my point of view this is quite a guarantee.


I had few issues when AirBnB was offering only iCal connection and syncing took too much time. Now this story is different since they offer also API integration. And my CM team said, that they are working also on HomeAway where they should also offer API integration, not just iCal in near future.

That's why my listing is still not published on HomeAway because iCal basicly sucks.. Even when it works. 

M Adamopoulou

Thanks guys for sharing with us your experiences...

So I guess for small properties the best solution is to sync. manually.