can i sync my booking.com calendar with another website like booking.com?

I need to show my property and attract more bookings through another website as well, therefore, I would like to sync my booking.com calendar with the another. So can I know whether I can do this?


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Yes you can. I sync with Airbnb and Expedia

11 months ago

Go to the Extranet, then Calendar & Pricing Tab, there you'll see Sync Calendars option.

You can copy the URL of similar platforms.

Good booking!

11 months ago
Isle of Wight …

Yes, you can sync the calendars, but there have been a lot of problems with Booking.com calendar sync not working properly, which causes double bookings. Everything might look ok today, but tomorrow it can be broken. Always manually block when bookings come in. So if you get a booking on AirBnB, block the dates on Booking.com, and vice versa.

11 months ago
M Adamopoulou

Synchronization is not in real time so double bookings can occur...

Isle has described the situation very well...or use a channel manager.


11 months ago
Harizma Alliance LP

Subscribe for a channel manager. Monthly fee is from 5$ only. 10 rooms property will costs you 10$ per month which is quite affordable. You will get the instant sync as well as new channels and direct booking facilities.  

11 months ago