Cancel Booking #***

Hello we need to cancel booking #*** due to coronavirus restrictions. Please cancel for us.

M Adamopoulou


Since this is only a Partner Community, please resend your message request directly to booking.com through your Extranet inbox tab.

Wish you all the best.

Le Balcon des Jasses

We are all partners, Booking.com will not exist without us, small important, hard workings partners,  we are paying a commission, for a very good job, Booking provides us. Thank you. I have been a partner in many years, and I am still grateful and a happy partner. 

The way Booking.com - for years - try to improve our amount of bookings, and clients are to give a different kind of discounts. Genius, Booking, on Mobile phone, Last-minute Booking, stay two days, get one free, and much more. I only use Genius, I'm selling Quality, not discount.

Now we all are in a very difficult situation, Inclusive our big Partner, Booking.com, we are all the same. Is hurt all of us. 

Now I like the BIGGEST, To care for the Smallest. -  "Dear Booking.com, come up with a Program, to keep going, to put a very little optimism back to your small partners."

From the day we all can open, work, do what we like, keep going, keep give commission to Booking.com, Please from the day we open, and two, three, or four-month ahead? BOOKING.COM WILL "ONLY" CHARGE 40 / 50% Commission, Get us Back on Track. Its a very little help, but a Mentality very important help and support. Please let me know if anybody will support this idea. All the best, To everybody: STAY SAFE, STAY HOME

Hug from Lucy

Le Balcon des Jasses (closed)



M Adamopoulou

Dear Lucy,

Nice to hear that you are well.

Of course I fully agree with you...and hope BDC is listening and will take some actions to help us smallest...

Love your comment...

“I am selling quality not discount” 

We will need a great boost to get back on track and BDC surely is the best in this field to help us.

Lucy, your comment is a very important one why don’t you create a new post so everybody could see it???

Wish you and your loved ones health...and stay at ? 

Kisses and hugs from a distance ❤️❤️❤️


Le Balcon des Jasses

Thank you, always nice and supporting word from you. I made a new, ass you advise me, Thanks

"Will Booking.com support us when we try to open again?"

Thanks Lucy

M Adamopoulou

Hope BDC will help us...so we can all together have a great start again...

Aaltje B.

Hi Maria, 


Happy Easter for you!! 

Hope you have kept well. Look after yourself and yours. 

Here all fine. But have been indoors three weeks now. I do take hundreds of photos and also walk on the farm tracks. 

Much love, big hug XX Risen

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Ella,

Thank God, we are all safe and healthy...I am watching a documentary about our Deep blue see and there was a beautiful plan of Dolphins meeting with whales in New Zealand...


I was thinking of you and wonderful photos you have shared with us in the past...

We are staying at home since March 11th...but we are enjoying our country style life...

Today we planted tomatoes...cucumbers...pepper...eggplants...cucumber...zucchinis...

Wish you well and share with us your creativity.


Aaltje B.

Enjoy the Spring coming! The Sun will help kill the virus! 

Wishing you lots of healthy yummy fresh produce from your garden. 

Love from NZ 

M Adamopoulou

Ella, Thanks for your wishes...

I also hope my produce will be yummy...because we are in the hills in a very windy area and it’s not the best place but we will see.

Wish you a wonderful day.