Cant find my property

I have a house for rent, i posted but when I search on Booking.com,i cant find my house. One more thing,i cant find where I can tell describes about my house

Aaltje B.

no panic Haanhf5 (Do you speak Dutch?)

Has your house been confirmed by a special email from BDC?

How long ago was it processed?

If you login to the BDC Extranet, you will see a line at the top with different tabs.

Aaltje B.

Ella again, sorry I had to look,

One tab says : Properties,

And within that tab you can click on the different items and see a lot of items you can tick.

Have you seen that.

It could be that your listing is not fully completed yet and that the team is waiting to have everything be fully filled in.

If you need more help, just yell out. No problem

Oh and take lots of photos with high resolution. Often smartphone can take pretty nice pictures. Otherwise, edit in Pixlr a free PC program and works very easy and well.


Aaltje B.